Reston, VA

Monday Morning Rundown

Driveway sledding on Jan. 24, 2016

Capital Steps Sunday — Cornerstones’ 33rd annual Capital Steps benefit performance is Sunday at the Hyatt Regency Reston. Tickets start at $75 and benefit Cornerstones’ programs. [Reston Now]

Big Education Money Gap? — Researchers at the Commonwealth Institute, a Richmond-based think tank, say that Virginia schools are being shortchanged $800 million a year ­because of formulas that under­­estimate what it actually costs to educate children. [Washington Post]

Taking Shelter — Here’s where some of Fairfax County’s wildlife likely was hiding during the weekend storm. [Fairfax County Park Authority]

Snow On Your Roof? That Can Be Dangerous — There were several reports of collapsed roofs in Virginia on Sunday due to heavy snow. Here’s how to prevent trouble. [Richmond Times Dispatch]

Photo: Blizzard at Reston Town Center/Credit: Joanie Berger


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