Video: Fairfax County Firefighters Rescue Dog from Icy Lake Thoreau

by Karen Goff February 17, 2016 at 10:50 am 8 Comments

Fiefighters from Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Station 25 in Reston saved Angel, a Chow, when Angel fell through the ice on Lake Thoreau in Thursday morning.

Witnesses said the dog was about 10-15 feet from the shore off of Turtle Pond Drive when the ice cracked and the dog fell in the lake.

Firefighters rushed to scene and dove into the icy water, where they brought Angel back to safety at about 8:45 a.m.

Video courtesy of Fairfax County Fire and Rescue

  • If you should go skating…

    Good training for the rescue workers.

    • GB

      This wasn’t training, this was their job and they did it well. Calling it training seems patronizing.

  • Good happens

    I was ready to come out and chop some ice but then I realized I was falling behind on my recipe, sorry maybe next time

    • Rey Della playa

      I also had plans to assist but then I fell asleep. Yeah next time for sure

      • Endlösung

        I have big plans for both off you

  • Heh

    If it had been a cat, he would have used the long stick to push it under and hold it there…

    • Doesn’t Suffer Fools Gladly

      If it had been you and there was a long stick…

      • Heh

        I’d put it up your asz.


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