Nearby: Stabbing and Assault in FCPD’s Reston District

by Karen Goff February 24, 2016 at 2:20 pm 9 Comments

Fairfax County Police A man was stabbed early Tuesday as he walked in the 2200 block of Astoria Circle in Herndon, officers from Fairfax County Police’s Reston District Station said.

The man told police he was walking home about 1:30 a.m. when he was approached by two men. One suspect displayed a knife and wounded the victim. The other suspect also assaulted the victim. Both suspects fled on foot.

The suspect with the knife was described as black, about 6-feet to 6-foot-2 tall, 170 to 200 pounds. He was wearing a blue, hooded sweatshirt, black cargo pants, with a black and gray hat, the victim said. The victim could not provide any physical description on the second suspect other than he was also black.

  • meh

    we should ban hooded sweatshirts to reduce crime, most criminals tend to wear them.

  • SouthRestonResident

    I propose that Ken Plum begin legislation to make Reston a knife free zone. I would propose a general knife registry and stop the yard-sale loophole. There should be a 72-hour waiting period as well.

    If one needs to use a knife, they can find an expert or use a less dull blade such as a ‘butterknife’

    • meh

      lets just ban all knives and require butter makers to put their product into cheezwhiz like cans.

    • El Southie
    • Sallad

      Seriously just like the gun laws I mean man what are people supposed to protect themselves with? And do you really think we can stop criminals from getting knives? They don’t even need to buy knives they can just make their own… and what do you propose i make my pbaj with if i cant have a butter knife?? Yess because thats still a knife…

  • Trump was right

    I reckon the suspects were from Canada as there THE KNIFE is murder weapon of choice. And let’s not forget the border security there is lax as many areas are remote, all the more so reason to quickly build a wall before the guilty parties return to safe haven.

    • RC

      Yes, knives are UnAmerican. Real Americans use guns! Yee-ha!

  • UStifosi .

    I think Ken is putting the finishing touches on his Williams-Sonoma accountability rant. We need to make the knife sellers liable.

  • Chuck Morningwood



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