Reston, VA

Thursday Morning Rundown

Hunters Woods students in Shrek Jr./Courtesy Kimberly Berry

Reston’s Not Trump Country — Restonian takes a look at Super Tuesday here. [Restonian]

BLVD’s Grand Opening — Comstock’s BLVD apartments at Reston Station will have a grand opening celebration on March 8. [Facebook]

Cherry Blossom Time — Peak bloom in DC — and on trees in Reston — is March 31 to April 3 this year. [Hill Now]

Governor Vetoes Common Core Bill — Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe vetoed House Bill 259, which prohibits the state Board of Education from replacing the Standards of Learning with the Common Core Standards. McAulliffe indicated the bill is unnecessary in light of the fact that Virginia’s Standards of Learning (SOL) already exceed the rigor of the Common Core State Standards. [WTOP]

Photo: Hunters Woods Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences students will be performing in the musical Shrek, Jr. this weekend: Liam D’Souza-Bohannon (Lord Farquaad); Ireland DiBacco (Ogre Princess Fiona); Spencer Line (Shrek); Maya Berry (Donkey); and Randi Willis (Dragon)/Photo by Kimberly Berry


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