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Reston Association Seeking to Spend $65K on Public Art

by Karen Goff March 24, 2016 at 1:30 pm 29 Comments

 Reston Association’s Board of Directors will discuss at its monthly meeting tonight a motion to donate $65,000 in 2016 to the Initiative for Public Art Reston (IPAR).

The motion, presented by At-Large member Ken Knueven, seeks to allocate the $65,000 from the Operating Cash Reserves.

RA currently donates to IPAR, but a $65,000 donation is nearly six times the current amount of $10,000 in annual giving from RA.

The donation fulfills “the Association’s obligation to uphold its design and planning foundation principle, “Commitment to the Arts” as an Essential Element of Reston,” the motion said.

From RA documents:

Currently there are nine (9) residential and/or mixed use development projects that are being planned on Reston Association (RA) covenanted properties and at least nine (9) additional projects in the Corridor.

Each of these 18 development projects has a proffer obligation to work with the Initiative for Public Art Reston (IPAR) to install public art on the properties.

Since “Commitment to the Arts” is one of the Association’s Essential Element design and planning foundation principles, and as RA works to enhance its own amenities and consider the multitude of new development and/or redevelopment projects in the community, greater attention and resources must be allocated by the Association to Reston’s public art initiative.

Time is of the essence as IPAR will be setting its 2017 Budget in April 2016 and the Association’s current level of support ($10,000) in implementing the Reston Art Master Plan will not enable the Association to work with developers to select and commission artists to install public art on RA common areas and covenanted properties.

Additional annual funding is needed to provide the Association with adequate design management control and oversight of these public art projects.

The Association will be working with IPAR before the end of 2016 to commission public art for the Pony Barn Recreation site and the new Lake House property.

In 2017, it is anticipated that public art will also need to be planned for other RA facilities including but not limited to the Central Services Facility, Hook Road Recreation Area, and the Autumnwood Recreation Area.

As such, it has been recommended by IPAR’s President and Executive Director that the Association increase its support by $65,000 in 2016 and 2017 to assist with artist selection and commissioning.

BUDGET IMPACT It is recommended that that $65,000 be allocated from the Association’s Operating Reserve for this effort so as not to impact the Board-approved 2016 Operating Expense Budget.

Photo: IPAR statue at Reston Town Center/file photo

  • Ming the Merciless

    Ken Connivin’ wants to waste our money on stupid stuff!

    No surprise there.

  • Mike M

    Sure n’begorrah, Reston Association. May the cat eat you and may the divil eat the cat.

  • SnarkyAuntie

    Sure. I’d love to see more nebulous, nondescript metal erections described as art sticking out of the ground all over Reston. Who doesn’t want that?

    • Mike M

      Um, maybe hetero males are less appreciative.

  • TheRealODB

    You have got to be f-ing kidding me. What a waste. When and where do we protest?

  • Lake Anne Monster

    Why don’t they use that money to repair the damage done to the Lake Anne sea walls from the last time IPAR plastered a bunch of posters as “public art”?

  • cRAzy

    Ken–Write your own personal check. Leave me out of it.

  • MJay

    A homeowners association should not be donating to anything. Why does the RA board and CEO insist that RA is more than what it is? Ridiculous…

    • The Ghost of Reston Past

      Agreed 100%. Same should be true for Reston Community Center. County records show they paid $60K to IPAR in 2015 and nearly $40K so far in 2016. Someone should FOIA that information.

  • Art Fan

    Anyone interested in hearing a complete discussion? Might there be some reason to do this?

    • John Higgins

      Sure, some readers here would entertain a contribution to the discussion. Put on an extra layer of skin, responses tend to get abrasive. We are all eyes.

    • Mike M

      Might RA not be obliged to provide said reason? Consensus here seems to say tis not the role of the RA.

      I have no objection to you contributing.

  • Virginia Harlow

    As a recovered artist, I’d have to say I wish they had donated to my artwork…. but while art is nice, it’s not necessary. Why spend on unnecessary things while talking about raising assessments all the time?

    • Mike M

      Bad “art,” even less so.

  • Mike M

    Hey! Who are the bad boys that ruined my chances to comment on Ken’s weekly?
    (And what did heck did you write?)

  • Scott H

    It’s amazing what people are willing to promote when it involves other people’s money.
    An HOA pays the bills and manages the guidelines and rules of the association. Paying for art that will reside on other peoplest property is not the business of an HOA.

    As someone who mostly defends the mission of RA and the DRB, this kind of shenanigans, along with indefensible things like Tetra, makes it more and more difficult.

    Fix the paths, run the pools, put liens on ppl’s houses for mundane things, and stop with the stupidity!

  • Greg

    Just say no to this nonsense and LOWER the assessment.

  • east297

    Just one more reason to leave Reston & Fairfax Co!!!

  • Tammi Petrine

    Gosh, this is so far beyond the scope of an HOA that I am speechless. For too long, RA has gone overboard with programs and amenities that are inappropriate in an era of tough economic times and stressed homeowners. Our dues are supposed to support NEEDS; not wants. RA can not continue raising dues and then pull this kind of stuff and expect to retain respect and credibility. This should not be voted on with one day’s notice. The community needs time to react to this. (To the RA BOD: IF you do vote for this tonight, please also fire all of your marketing and PR personnel. Their jobs will be irrelevant. Those of us who do support and explain RA to others in the community can not keep up with the disconnect.)

  • June Smith

    I am so glad that Deepwood is not part of RA

  • kcowing

    The RA sidewalk on Wiehle Ave between North Shore and Inlet Court is mostly destroyed and consists of big holes, crumbled pavement, dirt, covered with trash and leaves. But Art is more important. This must be what it was like when Rome was burning.

    • Lake Anne Fan

      That sidewalk belongs to Fairfax County not Reston Association.

  • Disgusted With R.A.

    Cannot be in favor of this nonsense. This stinks all over. Why no public knowledge or discussion until the last minute? Ken, don’t you dare spend any of my money on this stuff. Why don’t you write your own check instead?

  • RA, buy me some shade

    Spend the $65K on shade at the pools. North Shore has NO SHADE.

    Here’s some shade for RA:

  • Mel

    I agree, hard to believe…once again, if you are so led, email your ‘representative’ on the RA Board and express your thoughts…just in case no one from RA Board reads these comments. I must admit, this HOA is way different than any one I have ever experienced and I wish they would get out and ask Restonians their opinions before voting on large expenditures.

  • Pissed off in Reston

    Can any local lawyers volunteer to sue RA and remove the board for gross negligence and misallocation of funds? We are being ripped off and it has to STOP!

  • cRAzy

    This motion was TABLED UNTIL MAY by the RA Board last night ostensibly “to get more information.”
    Don’t stop objecting to it. A new Board will have to deal with it in two months!

  • April

    Ridiculous. This is why I’m leaving Reston.

  • Scott

    As a Reston resident this is not what I want to see my dues used for. There are dozens of projects that have a more valuable impact on the community. Shame on any member of the Reston Association’s Board of Directors who would vote for this use of our dues.


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