Happy April Fool’s Day!

April Fools Day/Credit: Reston Town Center

Happy April Fool’s Day, Reston!

Some things were a big joke today. Others, not so much.

At Reston Town Center, the fountain was filled with inflatable pool toys Friday morning.

Last night at Reston Town Center, officials outlined the no-joke process for the paid parking system coming this summer. Reston Town Center is an “elite destination,” they said.

Over on Modern Reston, our friends followed up last year’s brilliant story about a monorail at Lake Anne with this gem about a certain golf course-owning presidential candidate taking over a certain embattled public golf course here. The indoor ski hill and tanning concierge should tip you off that it is high satire.

Here at Reston Now, we are thinking about writing future editions in invisible ink and covering Annapolis as part of our hyperlocal strategy. April Fool’s! We’re still free, here five days a week and strictly hyperlocal.

Did you pull off any great pranks today?

Photo courtesy Reston Town Center


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