Nine FCPS Board Members Ask VHSL to Stop Events at Liberty University

by Karen Goff May 2, 2016 at 2:00 pm 28 Comments

School Board Letter/Credit: Ryan McElveen via Facebook

Nine members of the Fairfax County School Board are urging the Virginia High School League (VHSL) to stop holding events and competitions at Liberty University in Lynchburg.

Two weeks ago, several Fairfax County Public Schools students boycotted the VHSL Debate Championships at the Christian University. The students said they were protesting remarks by made by Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. that they perceived to be anti-Muslim.

At a convocation in December, Falwell urged students to obtain concealed-carry permits and arm themselves so they could “end those Muslims.” Falwell later said he was referring only to the Islamic terrorists who killed 14 people in December in San Bernardino, Calif., not all Muslims.

Hunter Mill school board representative and school board chair Pat Hynes was among the school board members signing the letter, which says school board “stands in solidarity” with the protesting students.

“We were deeply disturbed by the comments of Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. on Dec. 4, 2015 urging more than 10,000 of his assembled students to obtain handguns and stating “that we could end those Muslims before they walked in … let’s teach them a lesson if they ever show up here,” the letter reads.

“Muslim-Americans make up a large part of our community and our student body. Mr. Falwell’s comments stand in stark contrast to our goal in Fairfax County to create welcoming, inclusive environments and to ensure all of our students have access to the same opportunities.”

Upcoming VHSL events scheduled for Liberty University include Region 3A/4A soccer, softball and tennis finals this June. Northern Virginia schools are in Regions 5 and 6.

No word on whether the schedule will be altered or whether any more protests are planned.

  • Ming the Merciless

    In order to encourage free and open debate, we are boycotting your debate.

    That is all.

  • Mike M

    Dear BOS,

    If you are such a bored Board, why don’t you look for some efficiency opportunities in the budget rather than delve into matters of pure smug self-righteousness?

    Mike M.

    PS: Liberty has some of the best facilities on the planet!

  • hodor

    OH NO, some one was offended! Time to cancel all of the fun sporting events and then blame it on thing I am angry with so more people get angry at them too and join my side! Some would call this “bullying” or peer pressure, but FCPS would never do that…

    • I hate the obnoxiousness of the Yale and so many of the black lives matter protesters along with the political correctness of college students today, but in all honesty, this sounds like a great idea. Liberty University has always been a terrible place and there isn’t enough Islamophobic protest going on these days.

  • CE

    So I don’t get it. Why do the FCPS board love the San Bernardino terrorists? Or did they not hear the correction that was made?
    Oh never mind this is all political and how sanctimonious. Hope they never have to clarify their words. Whatever it takes to pander.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    FCPS: Because we’re too Wimpy to stare down the Devil.

  • LeftPolitico

    Thanks to the 9 members of the FCSB for taking that action. No state-wide events should be held at Liberty.

    • Bob McMahan

      Left, and why is that?

      • Here’s Athought

        Because they are a pseudo-cult of jesus-nuts and educating children should be a secular activity. The fact that they are also gun-pushing xenophobes is merely an extra fruitloop in their Jonestown juice cleanse. Kids shouldn’t be exposed to religious zealotry of ANY kind while participating in a scholastic activity.

        • Mike M

          You have employed lots of name-calling there. How is it a fact that they are “gun-pushing xenophobes?” You invoke Jonestown because . . . ? I have heard from people who go there that the kids are not exposed to religious zealotry. Should kids be exposed to leftist zealotry at school? Should they be indoctrinated to hate their own country and the Second Amendment? How about some facts?

          • Here’s Athought

            Lol-you got me. The Jonestown bit was purely hyperbolic – meant to mimic the knee-jerk call to arm ourselves against “those Muslims”. I don’t actually think they’ll try to get a bus-load of high-schoolers to drink the Kool-Aid and I’m sure Falwell was mostly referring to Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists…mostly. See, while he would never admit it in a public forum, my bet is that in his heart of hearts, he thinks that the world, and at least this country, would be better off without ANY Muslims. And guess what? He’s right! But we’d also be better off without Christians, Jews, Hindus and any other sect of superstitious nonsense that hate one another simply over the edifice to which they pray – it’s tantamount to hating them because they come from somewhere else (because just about every distinct foreign country has a unique-enough shade of religion that MY religion can fear and feel superior to it), so it’s tantamount to xenophobia. Kids learn enough of that from their parents. Just because a kid wants to participate in his/her PUBLIC school’s debate club or soccer team doesn’t mean they should be forced to do so under the cross, star, pentagram, moon or whatever that dude with the bugle is over the tabernacle. Like you say, kids get enough indoctrination as-is…how about we let them practice their activity without having to concern themselves with the cultural/political/ideological motives of their hosts?

          • Mike M

            I know people who have competed at Liberty. They were not exposed to any religious indoctrination. Also, isn’t your contempt for all religion a little xenophobic. I mean where there are people, there tends to be religion. I don’t think I am religious but I do have a strong sense of right and wrong. Is that what you really don’t like? I have noticed that a lot of leftists treat certain issues in a very religious manner.

        • Paul

          It’s a college that people choose and pay to attend….and they have fields for sports and an auditorium for debates. Attendees are not required to carry a firearm, but with loose canons like you rolling around they might want to consider it.

    • LargoLagg

      If the FCPS School Board had even one hair on its collective set of doo-dads, and truly believed in the BS they’ve signed their names to, they’d BOYCOTT competitions regardless of what the rest of the Commonwealth does. That they do not demonstrates their insincerity.

  • Mary Cavanaugh

    The hypocrisy… they don’t mind putting children in harms way in the bathrooms and locker rooms, but want to boycott a school that allows its students to protect themselves?? This PC bullying by some members of the FCPS Board needs to be put in check. Pat Hynes was happy to jump on the bandwagon.

    • Arielle in NoVA

      You’re being paranoid. Kids have always been in harm’s way in bathrooms and locker rooms – from bullies, racists, and bigots, and from adult pedophiles.

  • Troll Troller

    Dis comments section is better than being under the bridge! Bafrooms, Muslims, & Guns Oh My! Me want to join dis Troll Party!

    • EliteinReston

      Folks also do not want Mormons near Hunter Mill Road, single working parents dropping off their (subsidized) children at the rebuilt Tetra building at Lake New port and dog owners at Baron Cameron Park. Liberty indeed.

      • Mike M

        So, were the founding fathers thinking about me subsidizing your kids daycare when they wrote of Liberty? Are you some sort of Constitutional scholar? Mormons on Hunter Mill? Wha?

        • Liquid

          wow Mike, You’ re fighting the elite and supporting the troll troller. really showing your true colors now. how about babies for breakfast and trump for lunch?

          • Mike M

            I have no idea what is your point? It’s not evident? Try to keep up.

    • Headless Ned Stark

      Roose Bolton. Kills his father, releases the dogs on Walda and his new brother.. Winter is Here my friends.

  • Monique Burgos

    How are they using official FCPS letterhead without even having had parent input in this decision? Is everything a boycott now? What happened to open dialogue
    McElveen is using FCPS for his own agenda.

  • Virginia Harlow

    Doesn’t seem to make much sense punishing students by not having affairs there just because of remarks about protecting themselves from terrorists. Sounds like the crybullies at work! Being opposed to Islamic Terrorism isn’t being opposed to muslims. Being opposed to Islam is not being opposed to muslims. I could be seeing the heavy hand of CAIR and the OIC here. They claim anything unfavorable to Islam is Islamophobia, and bigoted hatred. What do we call Islamic terrorists then? Our buddies? Oh, I think I read Hillary promised to use “shame” and bullying to change the way people speak about Islam. Let’s not bother to get into comparisons with how Christians are treated on college campuses…. or high schools. Or should we?

  • Howard Sharp

    Muslim extremists wanting to commit jihad and “kill the infidels” must just be their freedom of expression, protected by the first amendment.
    How dare anyone express a willingness to defend themselves against murder? Well that is protected by the second amendment.
    This group of word twisting extreme left wing educated idiots that don’t seem to want to bothered by the facts should just crawl back under their baby blankets and stay there.

  • Virginia Harlow

    Neither the article or the letter state how many “students” were so wounded they boycotted. Why? Were there 5? Should all the students in high schools in Virginia be cheated out of the venue because of hurt feelings by a few? I might be able to understand this overreach if any of those students were injured, beaten, refused a seat, or some other infringement of their rights. I see none here.

  • Paul

    The students who did not attend did so by choice, they were given the same opportunity as all others, they CHOSE not to take advantage of that opportunity, quite possibly for reasons they hold dear. The board members signing this letter make several things very clear: if others do not share our perspective they should be shunned, our values are what all should follow, we are unable to hear a person speak putting their words in context of current events and explain that to our students. Did the signers of this letter make any effort to explain various points of view and how to weigh those comments against their own beliefs to the students? They make no mention of doing that in their letter, they only make demands.

  • LargoLagg

    McElveen doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about the Muslims. He’s just mad at Liberty because he’s a homo(sexual), and this is a perfect excuse to criticize them for something other than his actual concern.

    What has always mystified me is why some people can’t live happily unless everybody sees things the way they do? Boy, if only the world answered to me!

    Seriously, Ry, who cares if their deity doesn’t like the gaety?


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