BB Shots Fired at Outside of Reston Association Official’s Home

by Karen Goff June 1, 2016 at 1:20 pm 2 Comments

Reston Association

Editor’s note: An incorrect version of this story accidentally posted earlier today. This is the correct version.

Metal pellets from a BB gun were aimed at a Reston Association official’s Reston home on Sunday night, police confirmed.

Sometime late Sunday night, someone shot at the front and back deck of the home, according to a report filed with Fairfax County Police. The Reston Association official’s name and home location are not being used for privacy reasons.

The RA official was out of town at the time. No other houses in the area were believed to be damaged and there were no injuries, police said. Detectives took BBs from the scene and will further investigate the incident.

The RA official is concerned that the shooting was done by someone in the community “who has an issue” with Reston Association.

  • Jillian Morris

    This is so far over the line I’m actually speechless. This community needs to get a grip, I hope they find the person who did this, I believe that even with a BB Gun its still a Felony to shoot at someone house.

  • Mike M

    “[H]e thinks the shooting was done by someone in the community “who has an issue” with Reston Association.”

    Well, gee. That narrows it down.


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