Video: Bear Makes a Run Through Fox Mill Estates

by Karen Goff June 30, 2016 at 2:00 pm 4 Comments

A black bear made a visit to Herndon’s Fox Mill Estates Thursday morning.

Check it out as he explores Holkein Drive near Stratton Woods Park.

Thanks to resident Tiffany Ford for posting on the Fox Mill Estates’ Facebook page.

There are usually several bear sightings a season in this part of Fairfax County, especially in summer breeding season. County wildlife experts say to make sure garbage cans are secure to avoid bears looking for food. And keep a respectful distance if you see one.

  • Mike M

    In 2002 I worked over by the Dulles Hyatt. I frequently saw bears in the vicinity what is now Floris United Methodist Church. It’s getting hard for bears to set up house without having to pay rent.

    There was a sighting yesterday near the intersection of McLearen and 28. This guy is moving. I wonder if it was the same bear? I wonder where the poor devil will go? He ought to get a reflective vest for night travels.

  • Larisa Briggs

    I almost could not tell that was a bear and not a large dog. Very blurry.

  • Dumpster dive

    So the door to door campaigning has started and here come Donald’s own canvassers promoting the Trump economy and how it will work out on Wall Street. Kiss your portfolios good bye or hide it in the trash bags, nothing will survive.

    • Mike M

      The other candidate, on the other hand, will surely indebt us to the gills so that assets can be ever more over valued and her friends will be enriched. Until, . . .


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