Friday Morning Notes

by Karen Goff August 12, 2016 at 8:55 am 6 Comments

Lake Anne Plaza

Sing Out — The Reston Chorale is holding auditions on Aug. 15. [Reston Chorale]

Obituary — Former Reston Interfaith (now Cornerstones) board member and president Bob Hanlon recently died at age 81. [Connection]

Deeper Look At “One Fairfax” — Fairfax County Board of Supervisors recently passed the “One Fairfax” resolution to address the development of a racial and social equity policy and strategic actions to advance opportunities for all citizens. [Connection]

  • Scott H

    I ❤ “anti” events. I especially love people that dislike Trump so much they’ll put on a concert, but don’t so much care about the narcissistic, power-hungry criminality of Hillary Clinton. Check yourself people!

    • Anti-Trump =/= Pro-Hillary

      So get off your mom’s basement couch, get your bandmates together and put on a rocking anti-Hillary concert.

      • Scott H

        You miss the point…or rather, you ARE the point.

  • Reston Crimewatcher

    RestonNow only promotes lib events. I am calling both RA and the county to see if this type of political event can be held on county property. I’d like to have an anti Hillary event. I wonder if I’d get advertising on Reston Now .

  • Karen Goff

    Notes: That concert event has been removed because it has been cancelled.

  • Mike M

    Can I borrow that scale?


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