Reston, VA

"I voted" sticker. (Photo via Flickr/vox efx)Correction: This story originally misidentified America’s Future Inc. as the America’s Future Foundation, which is a different organization.

Fairfax County and Virginia Department of Election officials say registered voters have received fraudulent letters in recent days suggesting their voter registration status was in question.

Edgardo Cortés, Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Elections says letters have reportedly come from two organizations — America’s Future, Inc. and the Voter Participation Center.

“Letters sent by these organizations have reportedly been addressed to individuals who were already properly registered, are not qualified to register at the mailing address used, or are deceased,” Cortes said in a statement. “Although these letters include our street address and contact information, these letters did not come from the Department and are not official election mail.  … Voters can disregard any information received from outside entities that contradict our official records.”

Virginia voters can always confirm their current voter registration status and submit necessary updates on the Department of Elections’ secure citizen portal.

Official election mail logoOfficial election mail will also come with a distinct logo (left), state officials said.

Additionally, Fairfax County election officials say everything local voters need to know about the upcoming General Election on Nov. 8 can be found on Fairfax County’s Elections website.

In-person absentee voting begins in Fairfax County on Friday, Sept. 23 at the Fairfax County Government Center.


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