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Fairfax County Police Still Looking For Suspect in Reston Hit-and-Run

by Karen Goff October 3, 2016 at 10:00 am 3 Comments

Suspected SUV used in fatal hit-and-run in Reston/FCPD Fairfax County Police are still looking for a suspect in the fatal hit-and-run on North Shore Drive on Aug. 28.

Police previously released a picture of what is believed to be a yellow Ford Escape with possible front end damage on the driver’s side that is believed to be the car that hit Hung Soon Seo, 76.

Seo was crossing North Shore Drive at North Village Road about 5 p.m. on Aug. 28 when she was hit by a vehicle that did not stop, according to authorities.

Said one commenter, who said he witnessed the crash, on a previous Reston Now post about this incident:

We arrived on the scene immediately after the incident and my ‘significant other’ (a nurse) attempted to assist the victim.

Absolutely no excuse for the driver leaving the scene. Unless intoxicated there is no way the driver did not known (s)he hit someone.

That being said, easy to see how the accident occurred. Because of the angle and brightness of the sun we didn’t realize there was a person lying in the street and a couple of other people standing by her until we were partially through the intersection. Only a measure of luck prevented another accident.

Police released the following flyer about the upcoming search (below). Contact them and the information provided if you have any information about the incident.

Reston Fatal Crash

  • RunDMC

    I’m surprised this person hasn’t been caught yet- that is kinda the opposite of a nondescript car, and North Shore drive isn’t exactly a commuter road, so I’d bet it’s probably someone local to the area. Even if they immediately drove home and hid the car in the garage and are driving another car, wouldn’t the neighbors go “Oh yeah didn’t Bob next door have a yellow Ford Escape?”

    • jmsullivan

      Well, not on a Sunday I guess, but North Shore kind of has become a de facto commuter road these days as people try to get around the metro traffic on Wiehle and Sunset Hills.

      But apart from weekday commuters, there seems to be a LOT of non-resident traffic on North Shore throughout the day and especially on weekends. I live off North Shore and both sides of the street are pretty much always a solid line of parked cars outside the apartment complexes between the elementary school and (the increasingly poorly named) Temporary Road. Cars with District or Maryland tags are extremely common.*

      As you say, if they were a neighborhood resident, they most likely would have been found by now, so I’m guessing they aren’t. And that doesn’t surprise me at all.

      * I’m also astonished at how common it is, while heading to work on Monday morning, to spot one of those parked cars that got sideswiped or rear-ended sometime over the weekend. It’s a confusing, curvy, poorly lit road, jam packed with parked cars on both sides. Stir in a driver unfamiliar with the road, and perhaps a little alcohol, and its an accident waiting to happen. And it usually doesn’t have to wait long.

  • quan

    police should pull all records of owners with va tag yellow ford escape and make sequential inquiries of the owners


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