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Gas Comes to Your Car in New App-Based Service for Reston

by Karen Goff October 6, 2016 at 2:45 pm 17 Comments

Gas-ePressed for time? There are no shortages of apps and services that come to you. You can get a meal in a box, an Uber ride with the click of a finger, and pretty much anything at any time within the hour on Amazon Prime Now.

Reston has a new service: Gas-e, which will skip you a trip to the gas station.

Gas-e is a new app-directed service now available here, the first place in what the company hopes will be several spots in Northern Virginia, says Thomas Monson, a founder of the company.

Gas-e works like this: Users park their car and request a fill up via the app, which can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play. They choose what kind of gas they prefer (regular unleaded, premium, etc.). Gas-e then delivers gas directly into their cars (clients need to leave the gas door popped open) and charges the credit card on file.

Users get a text when the truck is on its way and another one when the car’s tank is filled. Prices are comparable to those at nearby gas stations.

Reston Now had a few questions for Monson. Here’s what he had to say:

Reston Now: How did you get the idea for Gas-e?

Thomas Monson: The idea for gas-e came one day at a gas station watching a mother manage two screaming kids in the back seat. I felt like there had to be a way to help make her day run a bit smooth.

The car that she was driving sits idle for more 90 percent of the day, so why fill it up during the busiest time of her day? We can do this during the work day or at night. Thus, offering the highest level of convenience and flexibility in achieving an uninterrupted commute. Now if we could only do something about DC traffic.

RN: How long did it take to get up and running? Did you have local investors?

TM: It’s taken about nine months from inception, to testing, to going live. We have one local angel investor.

RN: How long has it been in business?

TM: We’ve been in a closed beta for the last few month, prior to opening the platform to the general public, as we’ve attempted to find any possible breaks in our process/procedures.

RN: Where else in NoVa can you access the service?

TM: Currently, we are only operating in Reston, with plans to expand to Great Falls, McLean and Herndon.

RN: How many clients overall so far?

TM:We’ve had over a thousand sign ups in our first week. It seems that some of them have come from neighboring areas, which further supports our plan to expand quickly.

RN: Why is Reston a good place for this?

TM: Reston is one of the countries most pristine planned communities and has been ranked as a Top 10 Place to Live in America. Upper-level incomes, great roads, and probably the strongest suburban representation of Fortune 500 Companies in the US make Reston the absolute perfect community to introduce this service.

  • RunDMC

    Dude I am baby-free as humanly possible and would absolutely use the crap outta this! Unless you have a commute with a right turn in and out gas station (that doesn’t get crazy busy all the time, looking at you Exxon on Route 7 in Tyson’s) it is such a paaaain to get in the car in the morning and go “oh, right, I need gas!” I was thinking a few weeks ago that a service like this would be amazing!

  • Willie Reston

    Restonnow, why didn’t you ask how they manage to open the gas door on your car?!

    • Karen Goff

      ah. I did. You leave it open for them. I will add that back in.

  • SSM2012

    I don’t know if I’m appalled or enthralled — but I do remember ALWAYS having someone fill my tank when I fueled up near Manhattan — so worth the few cents extra. As my tank has hovered near empty for days with no time to fill it, I might just do this!

  • Mike M


  • MTiger

    Too bad that this won’t work in the Town Center for apartment dwellers and condo owners who park in their buildings. After January we would be faced with expensive street parking in order to buy gas.

  • Thomas Day

    Love this idea. I would happily order a weekly fill-up and never worry about stopping for gas again.

  • Thanks boss

    I think this is great, now we just need the gas purchase club and lock in prices for the next few years.

  • As I live and work in Reston (and play) and drive a hybrid, I spend very little time at gas stations. But it’s still time I’d rather spend elsewhere. Additionally, a lot of my co-workers commute, so this could be a huge convenience for them.

  • TinFoilHat

    Here we go again… selling your soul to save a few minutes, but it’s not ok for the rtc parking…
    How do we share information: We may make certain personal information available to service providers that collaborate with gas-e in order to provide quality services to you.

    • The Constitutionalist

      I don’t really see the correlation to paid parking at the RTC, while some, such as you and I are concerned about the collection of information and it’s sale, the vast majority of people are upset that paid parking is….stupid. This is a convenience, paid parking is not.

      Also, did I miss the checkbox that allows me to pay with my soul?

  • SSM2012

    So I just used the service. It was $27.79 for 10 gallons. I registered through their app; ordered the service and within a half hour a guy in a white pick up arrived with about 30 containers of gas. I’ll do it again.

    • meyerweb

      That’s 80 cents a gallon more than I pay.

      • SSM2012

        Worth the five extra bucks.

  • Rich

    RestonNow: the math doesn’t make sense to me. A gas truck delivers thousands of gallons to a filling station, this is going to deliver what 10 around the area? Seems like an additional environmental cost. Wish you would have asked about that. NatGeo asked: https://www.google.com/amp/gizmodo.com/read-this-before-you-consider-having-gas-delivered-to-y-1751690588/amp?client=ms-android-google

    I’d like to know what they think about the extra cost of that on the environment, if there is one. Fills says that they think it’s not a problem, but no studies done.

  • meyerweb

    What’s the price premium to save 15 minutes?

  • Thomas, we’re a Reston-based startup as well (Zoomph), excited to have more innovation come out of Reston! We’re having a meet up this Saturday if you were interested in coming out and meeting others like us http://www.meetup.com/Reston-Creative-Social/


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