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Nearby: VA Attorney General Talking Heroin’s Dangers in Herndon

by Karen Goff October 6, 2016 at 10:00 am 4 Comments

The dangers of heroin use — a growing problem in Virginia and nationwide — are the topic of a talk by Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring Thursday at Herndon Middle School (901 Locust St, Herndon) at 6:30 p.m.

There will be a special free screening of “Heroin: The Hardest Hit,” a documentary that explores the heroin and prescription drug epidemic and its effects on Virginians.

Herring will be joined by Town of Herndon’s Vice Mayor Jennifer Baker and Chief of Police Maggie DeBoard.

Heroin overdose fatalities in Virginia have more than doubled from 100 deaths in 2011 to 239 deaths in 2014, while an additional 547 Virginians died from prescription drug overdose in 2014, the movie materials say.

Between 2011 and 2013, every region of the state experienced an increase in heroin overdose fatalities. More Virginians were killed in 2014 by heroin and prescription opioid drug overdose than car crashes.

“There is not one corner of the Commonwealth untouched by heroin’s influence and destruction,” Herring said.

In response to this growing public health and public safety problem, Herring has launched a plan to combat heroin and prescription opiate abuse by creating and implementing partnerships and creative solutions for a complex problem.

This film is one example of the preventive and educational measures the Herring’s office is pursuing to make all Virginians  — from teenagers to adults — more aware of the growing crisis involving heroin and prescription and the risks associated with dangerous drugs.

  • Mike M

    Has anyone seen ken Plum on this issue? Here’s one of those real, not-so-softball issues you might want to cut your teeth on.

    • susie

      Would require actual work – not his style.

  • Junkie

    “I am sorry what I did to your son”
    Justin Wolfe 3/19/2016


      Ketamine is not junk – AT LEAST NOT ACCORDING TO THE FDA.

      “Glaring evidence of the government’s drug war hypocrisy in the name of profit emerged Tuesday, with the announcement by Janssen Pharmaceuticals that the FDA placed ketamine on the fast track for approval to treat major depression.

      Ketamine, also called escatimine — which has a reputation behind the scenes as a party drug, known as ‘Special K,’ for its sedative and sometimes hallucinatory effects — is currently most widely employed as a veterinary tranquilizer, though the Food and Drug Administration first approved human use in 1970.

      With off-label uses including treatment for pain, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, among others, as CNN noted, ketamine’s latest FDA approval will be testing as “breakthrough therapy” in treating major depressive disorder.”


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