Nearby: Former Herndon Police Employee Charged With Taping Women in Bathroom

by Karen Goff October 13, 2016 at 4:30 pm 12 Comments

Michael Richard Carr/Herndon PoliceAn employee of the Herndon Police Department has been charged with filming women in the police communications center bathroom, Herndon Police said.

Michael Richard Carr, 30, of Herndon, had been working in the station’s communications center since 2009. He abruptly resigned his job and went missing on Sept. 26; police discovered the alleged taping during the missing persons investigation, a police spokeswoman said.

“The preliminary investigation indicates that the video recordings were captured between November of 2011 and March of 2012,” police spokeswoman Jane Ross said in a release. “Carr was working as Communications Technician II, non-supervisory civilian position within the department.”

Carr was located in Orlando, Fla., on Oct. 1. He was charged by the Florida Highway Patrol with five five counts of videotaping a non-consenting person in a location where there is an expectation of privacy.

He is currently being held in Orange County Adult Detention Center, Orange County, Fla. awaiting an extradition hearing to be returned to Virginia.

Ross said the initial investigation indicates the video recordings are limited to two victims; however, the investigation is ongoing. Both victims have been notified.

“The department has taken all necessary actions to ensure the Herndon Police Department facility where this occurred is free of any type of unauthorized recording devices,” she said.



  • SoyGringo

    I wonder what his immigration status was?

    • Mike M

      I’ll bet you had that silliness spring-loaded for weeks now. I do hope you weren’t holding your breath.

      If you want to get a sense of reality, please go to the County Courthouse and read the names of the defendants on the dockets. It’s very enlightening.

      You really have to acknowledge a problem before you can consider meaningful alternatives for fixing it.

      Wanna make any bets on the next crime story/ mug shot on Reston Now? Let’s wait and see.

      • blm

        It really is too bad that profiling leads to more arrests for minorities. White crime seems to be restricted to groping and peeping, but that’s easily dismissed as innocent locker room talk. Nothing to see here, move along thank you.

        • susie

          Wow, you are an amateur my friend. You need to up your game if you want to be a career troll for the left.

        • Mike M

          See the dockets!

          • Guest

            Mike, let me get this straight. Are you denying that there are racial disparities in arrests, criminal convictions, and sentencing in the United States?

          • Mike M

            No. I am saying that certain subsets of the population commit a bigger percentage of our crime volume than their demographics represent. I believe THAT is the primary root cause of the arrest and conviction rates. We can never get at the reasons for that and mitigate if we don’t acknowledge certain uncomfortable realities. There is a certain political party and other organizations that thrive on convincing these groups that they are oppressed and that is the end of it. I tell you that in some ways, they are their own oppressors. The way the media, the President, and the DNC treated the Michael Brown case is a perfect example. Going further, I’d say that anytime, ANYONE is killed by a police officer, serious investigation is warranted. It’s not about race. It’s not about discrimination. It’s about the Constitution and sociological realities. One of many sociological realities is the fact that if a young man is told he is a victim because of his race his whole life, he might just be more likely to do bad things. Make sense? There is racism. It is a two-way street. You’ve experienced it? I’ve experienced it. You will never get rid of it. But you shouldn’t stoke it either. And it should not be anyone’s excuse for crime.

          • Guest

            Inequity in our justice system extends far past the simple statistics of crimes reportedly committed, per capita, by ethnicity.

            As blm implied: arrests, criminal convictions, and sentencing are all applied much more liberally to minority suspects, even per person among the accused. It applies across the board. Repeatedly and regularly confirmed by data analysis of the raw numbers.

            If you want to dig out the roots of crime, instead of blaming political parties who tell people they are oppressed, examine real causes and not the symptoms.

          • Mike M

            Examine the fact that certain groups commit more than their share of crime. Stop making excuses. Stop stoking racism with your Party’s preferred propaganda narrative.

          • Guest

            So it looks like you’re in full denial. Here are a few studies for bedtime reading.

            I agree with you that socioeconomic position affects everything in life, even your chances of surviving a heart attack. But only by moving past denial and anger at the root causes can you approach a real solution.

      • susie

        We didn’t have to wait very long, did we.


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