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BREAKING: Shooting on Greywing Square Wednesday Night

by Karen Goff October 27, 2016 at 8:50 am 14 Comments

police lineFairfax County Police are looking for a suspect in a shooting Wednesday night near Hunters Woods Village Center.

A 42-year-old man told police he was walking home from work in the 12000 block of Greywing Square about 10:45 p.m. when he heard gunshots.

The man then realized he had been shot in the upper body. He was taken to Reston Hospital, where he is being treated for non-life threatening injuries, said FCPD spokesman Don Gotthardt.

Police searched for the suspect, described by police as a thin black man wearing all black clothing, via helicopter, K9 and ground units.

The suspect has not been located, Gotthardt said Thursday morning. It is unknown if the suspect and victim know each other, he said.

  • johnQPublic

    That area of Reston should be gutted and bulldozed…extend the clown center even further.

  • tattler

    Guess we have different opinions on how much time should elapse before something is no longer considered ‘breaking’.

  • Ming the Merciless

    ♫Oh the south side of the Toll Road,
    Is the baddest part of town,
    And if you go down there,
    You had best beware,
    Of the suspect “thin black man”♫

  • Chuck Morningwood

    No justice? No peace.

  • Leila Gordon

    This is an unfortunate and serious incident and I truly hope that the individual firing the gun is apprehended. I want to reassure people, the below comments notwithstanding, that our neighborhood is a very safe place and that literally tens of thousands of visitors to RCC Hunters Woods enjoy their experiences here without incident. The thousands of activities, programs, performances and events that occur here are fun and enjoyable for anyone attending. Shoppers and dining customers come and go easily. The members of the Christ the Servant Lutheran Church worship weekly. Residents adjacent to the plaza appreciate the Village Center’s conveniences. We have a very cooperative and vibrant neighborhood coalition that is always working to improve people’s experience in the Hunters Woods Village Center. I urge people to have perspective about the rare nature of this kind of crime relative to the number of people visiting, living, working and worshipping at Hunters Woods Village Center every day morning to night all year round.

    • Richard

      No kidding! I had some awesome chicken fingers and a couple of beers at Buffalo Wing Factory just on Tuesday. There are some frequent scaredicats who leave messages on RestonNow. Those who truly know that area (including me, who formerly lived on the plaza) know Hunter’s Woods Center as a great spot in Reston.

      • Mike M

        You are like the typical metro-sexual hipster who roams bad neighborhoods in DC brandishing your I-Phone. You are coolest until zap! You caught a knife blade! Gazelle for the cheetahs.

        I frequent BWF and sometimes the Rite-Aid and Safeway. But I don’t kid myself about the wildlife roaming about. I stay alert. The police presence seems to belie your casual air.

        Isn’t this about the sixth or seventh crime story about that hood that drew such defensive remarks this year?

        • Richard

          Seven crimes!? This year!? Eek! Well, I’Ve been visiting the plaza for forty years now – long before cell phones. No trouble yet except when this girl stole my video game money in the early 80s.

          • Mike M

            We haven’t had any felonies in my neighborhood. That’s about the norm for the suburbs. Stay hip. (tick, tick, tick)

            Be honest. Are you and Leila trying to sell a house or houses over there?

          • The Constitutionalist

            Richard, you seem like the guy that lets a girl steal his video game money.

          • Richard

            …or let’s her “think” she stole it. Chicka chicka bow wow…

    • Guest

      A warm and sensible response, Leila. Keep up the good fight to promote our diverse and joyful community.

    • Mike M

      It’s not so much a case of an “individual firing the gun.” It’s more a case of a criminal shooting a piece of lead into the body of another human being. Your insistence upon understatement is telling.

  • Tony

    It’s safe on the Southside of Reston, or as safe as any parts of Reston. It’s not safe to walk the streets alone after dark just about anywhere, crime is sometimes just a matter of wrong place and time.


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