Crime Roundup: Women Steal Syringes From Harris Teeter, Injure Employee

by Ryan Moore November 10, 2016 at 2:45 pm 17 Comments

Fairfax County Police Two women stole a pack of syringes from a pharmacy at a Reston supermarket yesterday evening, injuring an employee who tried to stop them, according to Fairfax County police.

The incident happened at the Harris Teeter on the 12900 block of Highland Crossing Drive about 7 p.m. Wednesday.

Police said the women attempted to buy syringes from the pharmacy worker, but they didn’t have authorization to make the purchase, according to authorities. One of the women then hopped over the counter, snatched a pack of syringes and fled with the other woman.

The pharmacy employee attempted to stop the thieves, but was pushed away and received a minor injury.

Police said they’re looking for:

One suspect [who] was described as white or Hispanic. She weighed approximately 110 pounds and was wearing dark leggings. The second suspect was described as black, about 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing approximately 200 pounds.

FCPD’s Reston Station yesterday also received reports of:


  • 1800 block of Cameron Glen Drive, gun and cash from residence
  • 11900 block of Democracy Drive, cash from business
  • 2300 block of Woodland Crossing Drive, bicycle from business
  • 10500 block of Wynfield Woods Drive, wallet from vehicle


  • 13000 block of Elm Tree Drive, 2006 Volkswagen GTI

  • Arielle in NoVA

    What an odd crime. Don’t think I’ve heard of that one before.

    • One Really

      I heard it would make you jump thru hoops, but over counters…. Come on!

  • johnQPublic

    Heroin is a Mother

  • Greg

    Why would the store employee risk personal injury to save a pack of syringes?

    • Mike M

      Moral fiber?

  • 1001 cuts

    Be kind, everyone is fighting their own secret battles.

    • One Really

      100% agreed. Very well said.

    • Mike M

      If you steal and harm an employee your battle has become everyone else’s. No kindness from me. Sometimes people get this way because there was not enough “no” in their lives.

    • Greg

      Why should we be kind to a criminal? Compassionate, yes, but kind, no.

      As we have said countless times before, if one cannot find a plethora of social services in Fairfax County to deal with one’s demons, they don’t exist anywhere.

    • 1001 cuts

      That just illustrates our current dilemma, that two out of three people don’t understand the problem and won’t go out of their comfort zone to understand it. Totally understandable, because by these conventional methods 90% of these users will slowly die but at a very high social cost.

      Which only leaves one option, which is the Filipino approach.

      Good luck,

      • Mike M

        Thanks for your incredibly superior understanding. Let them walk on you.

      • Greg

        The problem is crime. Criminals go to jail. Totally understandable.

        More direct? Our comfort zone is comfortable because we won’t tolerate crime within it — the locks on our doors are not there to protect us; they are there to protect criminals.

  • Edward Calvert

    That’s one motivated employee. Props ?

  • Tom

    Hmmmm… so this happened at Harris Teeter, huh? If this had happened at the Hunters Woods Safeway we’d never hear the end about “those people” who live in the area.

  • Anita

    This Harris Teeter is in Herndon…not the Harris Teeter at the Spectrum Center. Annoyed that so often these crimes are said to be in Reston proper when they are not.

  • Tom

    You know nothing about me whether I am conservative or liberal. I happen to live in the Hunters Woods area and am damned tired of the stereotyping that people make on this site about the area.

    • Mike M

      Your logic was tired too.


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