Meet Dave Emke, Reston Now’s New Editor

by Jennifer van der Kleut January 6, 2017 at 10:15 am 17 Comments

Dave EmkeReston Now welcomed its new full-time editor this week, Dave Emke.

Emke comes to Reston Now from his previous position as editor of The Journal, a print newspaper in Martinsburg, West Virginia. He is a native of Chautauqua County, New York.

Emke’s move to Reston Now means some big changes for him — both in the busy hustle and bustle of the D.C. Metro area, and with the switch from print to hyperlocal digital news.

That’s all part of what intrigues Emke about his new position, though.

“I’m really excited about the change of scenery,” he said.

Since starting with Reston Now on Jan. 2, Emke has been diving right in, getting familiar with the issues that matter most to Restonians, and talking with many local movers and shakers.

Emke said what he has found is a place where technology, development and big business meet, but that still feels similar to the smaller town he comes from — because the people of Reston care deeply about their community. In just his first few days, he has tackled issues that people in Reston really care about, such as new parking fees at Reston Town Center and residents’ relationship with Reston Association.

“It’s a big community and everybody pays into it, so everyone has a hand in what goes on, and has opinions about how their money is spent,” Emke said. “I’m very interested in learning more about the relationship between Reston Association and its members.”

As for Reston Town Center, Emke said he has spent a lot of time in the past shopping and dining in the area, so he can understand how the new parking fees might affect locals.

All in all, Emke said he’s excited to be in Reston, and has enjoyed the people he has met and talked with so far as he gets acclimated to his new role.

“Everyone I’ve talked to so far has been very helpful and welcoming as I move into this new position,” he said. “I look forward to meeting many more people in the days and weeks to come.”

Emke added that he hopes people will feel comfortable getting to know him and sharing the local issues that are important to them.

“I want to tell as many stories as possible that are important to residents,” he said. “I hope the people of Reston feel comfortable helping me to do that.”

Dave Emke can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter, @emkedave.


  • Tom H

    Welcome Dave!

  • JoeInReston

    As new moderator of RestonNow comment sections, let me in advance extend my deepest sympathies. Words cannot even begin to express my sorrow.

  • Matt Cash


  • Nate_VA

    Hello, and welcome!

  • John Farrell

    Quite tip: modestly rewriting press releases and posting them as original stories is not what we’re looking for here.

    For every press release from RA, Boston Properties, Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax County government or some developer, in this community, there will always be a skeptical voice to provide context and a different perspective.

    • J.B.

      Oh lighten up. You don’t need to jump on him in the first 3 seconds he’s here, and tips weren’t requested.

      • EliteinReston

        Thank you JB. (It would help if Dave explained what a hyperlocal site is, and what it is not. Stories like the one yesterday about new eateries such as the burger place are welcome and appreciated. A hyperlocal site is the only place we can learn something like that. For every story like that, it would help to read original, balanced reporting on community issues even if that means holding people accountable. Can we get a q&a with Boston Properties on the decision to impose parking fees? Their side has not been adequately explained.)

    • Greg

      Perhaps a first post on what the press release states and some in-depth analysis and fact checking might be on order? It’s not like he has a staff of many.

  • tattler

    Will you get reimbursed for your parking fees while covering stories at RTC? Better make sure that’s in your contract. That’s not going to be a trivial expense.

  • restonista

    Welcome Dave!

  • Mike M


  • NormVA

    Welcome, Dave.

  • Edward Calvert

    Welcome Dave !

  • Greg

    Welcome to Reston and Reston Now. As you likely know, there are a lot of financial, authority-exceeding and fallire-to-administer covenants issues at the Reston Association many of us are quite concerned (to be polite) about; then there’s Hudgins’ lack of interest in her constituents’ opinions and needs (to be even more polite); and about our unfair taxing schemes that already exist (small tax district 5) and are proposed such as those for transportation.

  • Greg

    PS — the schools. How could we forget the schools…”give us lots more money every year or we will cut everything that schools are supposed to do and then some.”

  • Quiet majority

    Welcome Dave, you ve come to us at the right time-most of the work that your predecessor was unable to complete was due to the overwhelming task of censuring and removing inapprorpiate and coarse articles.

    I think you just need to fight to have the comment section frozen or blacklist 2-3 individuals. Thanks,

  • Ken Knueven

    Welcome Dave. Congratulations and wishing you much success with your new endeavour.


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