RTC Restaurant Goers Invited to ‘Savor the Town’ Through Passport Program

by Dave Emke April 4, 2017 at 2:45 pm 23 Comments

A new promotional program this month is designed to help hungry Reston Town Center visitors learn a little more about restaurant offerings.

Savor The Town began Monday at the Town Center and has participants visiting 10 different eateries to gain stamps in a passport. To gain a stamp, customers ask their server or bartender about the “Savor the Town” special when making a purchase.

Those who receive all 10 stamps by May 1 will be eligible to attend a free Happy Hour celebration.

Restaurants participating in the promotion are:

  • American Tap Room (1811 Library St.)
  • Big Bowl (11915 Democracy Drive)
  • Busara Thai Cuisine (11964 Market St.)
  • M&S Grill (11901 Democracy Drive)
  • Mon Ami Gabi (11950 Democracy Drive)
  • Neyla Mediterranean Bistro (11898 Market St.)
  • Tavern64 (1800 Presidents St.)
  • The Tasting Room Wine Bar & Shop (1816 Library St.)
  • Uncle Julio’s (1827 Library St.)
  • World of Beer (1888 Explorer St.)

Information provided within the passport recommends stopping at World of Beer for “your last call” and receiving free parking validation there. A number of the other restaurants on the tour also offer parking validation.

The celebration for those who complete the tour will be from 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, May 10 at American Tap Room. Those who do not finish the tour are also welcome to attend and “take advantage of special pricing on food and beverage offerings,” according to information provided within the passport.

“Savor the Town is a fun way to increase visitor frequency and attract new patrons to the many great restaurants at Reston Town Center,” said spokesperson Kathy Walsh on behalf of RTC owner Boston Properties. “Look for additional creative events like this coming to RTC throughout the rest of the year.”

As part of the program, RTC is also offering $5 one-trip vouchers for Uber. A new promotional code is scheduled to be released each week on the RTC website as well as its Facebook page.

Passports can be picked up at RTC’s Information Center (1818 Discovery St.) or concierge desk (11951 Freedom Drive), or from a participating business.

  • Why do you bother?

    Nope. But thanks for playing.

  • Dgeorge

    Do we have to pay for parking? Do we have to download that horrible App? Nah, I think I will go to Chez Francois.

  • noodmik

    3VAC5-50-160. Happy Hour and Related Promotions; Definitions; Exceptions.
    B. No retail licensee shall engage in any of the following practices:

    6. Giving away drinks;

    Or is it that you get a free hour of parking if you visit all 10 restaurants!!!

    And yes, VA ABC has been contacted…

  • Adrian Havill

    Would rather starve than park at RTC.

    • Edward Calvert

      That new Pollo place!

  • North Restonian

    Is this a sponsored post?

    • RestonGrandma

      I agree – it sounds like it was written by BP.

  • RestonGrandma

    Wow was this written by BP? It’s such a PR spin. So you have to go to 10 restaurants (and pay for parking) and then at the end World of Beer will validate parking? I don’t think so. Sounds like BP is getting a little nervous – our boycott is working!

    • meyerweb

      But will they validate for all ten, or just for their own?

  • Mark

    Too little, too late. I do feel sorry for the RTC merchants, but during the last few months we have found so many other good restaurants in the area. Still, we stand behind your plight and look forward to coming back to RTC when this unreasonable paid parking system is remedied.

  • SueEm

    So they’re trying to lure people back to RTC with Uber vouchers (so you don’t need to drive and park), but there is no problem with the new parking system. Sure.

  • Bernie Supporter

    And the twist ending to the promotion is that once you get your 10 stamps you come back for the free Happy Hour celebration … but you have to pay for parking. Of course, who cares. Once you leave the cops are waiting outside to nab you for DUI.

  • 30yearsinreston

    Still Not going

    • Adrian Havill

      Never, ever.

  • Amy Sue

    This is more confusing than the parking. I get a headache just reading the rules. Plus I’m still mad about the parking. So I won’t be coming. Try to have fun without me.

  • meyerweb

    BP is getting desperate to find a way to lure customers back.

  • Reston Resident

    I am not parking at RTC.

  • 30yearsinreston

    Still not paying

  • Arielle in NoVA

    But will you have to move your car to keep it in a “valid” garage throughout? While you’ve been drinking? I wasn’t going to go to RTC because of the paid parking anyway, but they should have addressed this.


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