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Staples Closing at Plaza America; Total Wine & More Reported to Replace It

by Dave Emke July 5, 2017 at 10:15 am 41 Comments

(This article was edited at 2:45 p.m. Thursday, July 6. The Staples spokesperson had provided us with an incorrect date of the store’s closing. It will close Oct. 7, not Aug. 8 as originally reported.)

Office supplies will soon be replaced by alcohol at Plaza America.

Staples (11620 Plaza America Drive) will close Oct. 7, a spokesperson for the company has confirmed to Reston Now. According to a statement:

We continually evaluate our store performance to ensure we’re operating the business in the best way. As customers shift online, we are taking aggressive action to right-size our retail footprint. We are committed to providing great service and every product businesses need whether it’s in-store, online or through mobile.

Our customers in this area can continue to shop with us at our Sterling and Vienna, VA locations and online at Staples.com.

The Staples at Plaza America opened in 2011.

The Washington Business Journal reported last week that Staples will be replaced by beer, wine and spirit purveyor Total Wine & More, which plans to open by the end of the year.

According to the Total Wine & More website:

We’re passionate about wine, and know many of our customers feel the same way. So we are committed to offering the nation’s best wine selection, with an emphasis on fine wines. Our typical store carries more than 8,000 different wines from every wine-producing region in the world, including more than 2,000 wines not available in any other store. The typical Total Wine & More also carries more than 2,500 beers, from America’s most popular brands to hard-to-find microbrews and imports, and more than 3,000 different spirits in every style and price range.

There are several other Total Wine & More locations in the area, including in Sterling, Fairfax, Chantilly and McLean.

  • Wings!!

    I have no use for a Staples, but I do have some use for a Total Wine. What would be the most useful is a Hooters. A place to relax with a plate of wings and a cold beer while I watch the Nats play.


    • SuperCoop1280

      Buffalo Wing Factory. Hooters is trash and only for trash. It has no place in Reston.

      • HootsGuy

        The reward of going to Buffalo Wing Factory doesn’t outweigh the risk of getting stabbed in the Hunters Woods Plaza parking lot. Not to mention the serving staff doesn’t have as much talent.

        • JoeInReston

          “Not to mention the serving staff doesn’t have as much talent.”

          Buffalo Wing Factory is amazingly consistent with poor service. Its practically a guarantee.

          • SuperCoop1280

            I’ve always had good service but you are right, the location is the worst and most dangerous. Perhaps we could all agree having them move to Plaza and putting a Hooter’s in Hunter Woods. Seems more appropriate.

          • HootsGuy

            A Hooters in Hunters Woods would class up the place.

          • RestonAssurance

            But then their patrons would get stabbed or brandished a fire arm at as happened to my friend.

          • Mike M

            Stand by for the righteous ones who will be in here to tell you that never happened.

          • The Constitutionalist

            Which was it? Stabbed or brandished?

            Genuinely curious, not being sarcastic.

          • RestonAssurance

            A junior crew was harassing and pushing around an elderly gentleman one evening outside of the restaurant. My friend gave a holler to let the old man be. The junior crew shouted some obscenities, and one of them lifted his hoodie to brandish his fire arm tucked in his pants. This same friend was also approached by a different junior crew at the Soapstone 7-Eleven with pleas for a blunt, buy us a blunt! This junior didn’t take no for an answer and proceeded to kick in his car. Stay well away from these places!

      • RestonAssurance

        Glorified trash ;p

    • 40yearsinreston

      Is a Hooters going to open at The Lake White Elephant ?

      • GettingPlummyWitIT

        That was once the dream, but instead the partially dilapidated building is being used as a late night venue for wedding celebrations. With the costs being passed on to Reston home owners, of course.

  • Ed Cacciapaglia

    If you thinking that Plaza America parking lot is bad now, just wait!

    • JoeInReston

      Like many, I park in Whole Foods by driving away from Whole Foods, towards Staples, and then making a right back towards Whole Foods. This is far easier because of the lack of traffic congestion near Staples because nobody shops there. I can’t imagine how nightmarish the parking lot congestion might get if Plaza Americana gets a plausible business on that side of the plaza.

      • Wings!!

        Once people get to Hooters and are served their plate of wings and cold beer, there won’t be a lot of traffic in the parking lot until the bottom of the 9th.

        • ah

          That flew over my head. Are they bringing a Hooters to Reston?

    • Oy

      People whine because the stores suck and plazas die.
      People whine because the stores are popular and the plaza is packed.
      Just no pleasing everybody. Oh well!

      • Mike M

        And here you are whining about people whining. Go figure. Yet, somehow I am strangely pleased.

      • TheKingJAK

        Well, now people can wine about it all!

  • Scott

    That staples store seems pretty small compared to the typical Total Wine, no?

  • Mike M

    I much prefer good beer to office supplies.

    • vdiv

      Beer is an office supply.

  • 40yearsinreston

    Staples replaced books-a-million and crown books

    • Mike M

      Thanks, Mr Town Historian . . . Do you remember when there was a Crown Books at South Lakes?

  • 40yearsinreston

    the ex-sports bar could be used as a hooters
    It closed because it was full of armed boozers exercising their gun rights
    It reminded me of a 1860’s western saloon

    • Mike M

      There is so much empty space around town. It makes you wonder what are the incentives for the landlords to not let. I think they get a tax break. Why else would they not adjust their asking price to get someone in there? For whom do they think they are holding out?

      • Film at 11!

        Stupid conspiracy theory continues to be stupid.

        • Mike M

          Conspiracy theory? I think they get a tax break on property that is vacant. I’ve read that. But even if that’s only partially true, why would they leave such a big asset unproductive for so long? You used the word ‘stupid’ twice in one sentence. Perhaps you can answer my question or just wallow in your s word.

      • Greg

        They don’t get a special income tax break, but since there are costs and low or no rent income, they can offset gains from other interests by the losses at this location.

        The county may lower the property value if it’s vacant, doesn’t generate much revenue, or both. They may get that tax break and pay less in county real-estate taxes if the unit property value is lowered.

        It’s an odd property located on the upper floor with a ground-floor entrance.

        • Mike M

          Thanks for that. I really think they could get a tenant if they were reasonable on rent. I mean, it’s just sitting there, pretty much deadweight to them.

  • Brad

    It’ll never last, you can’t steal booze and escape in a canoe like a real Restonian!

  • Chuck Morningwood

    That would be a great location for a Harley dealership.

  • Jenny G.

    Both DC and MD have roller derby leagues but not VA. Staples would be a good venue for the revival of this sport.

  • compactdisqus

    Went in for basic printer ink, it was $70 for just black…no thanks.

    • Oy

      Well geez you should just use your work printer to print up your personal stuff like everyone else does.

  • LC

    YAY! No more driving to Sterling!

    • Mike M

      Or McLean, or Chantilly. We were kind of right in the deep middle of the three of them with none convenient.

  • Mookie Taylor

    Crap! Where will we get our CO2 cartridges for our SodaStream?

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Ugh 🙁


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