Harvey Relief Items Can Be Dropped Off at North County Governmental Center

by RestonNow.com September 5, 2017 at 11:30 am 9 Comments

Residents looking for a place to leave items for Hurricane Harvey relief can do so at Fairfax County Supervisor Cathy Hudgins’ office at the North County Governmental Center (1801 Cameron Glen Drive).

According to a statement from Hudgins:

Like you, I am in shock from seeing the devastation Hurricane Harvey has brought to the people of Houston and its surrounding counties. In an effort to help those victimized by this storm, my office [at] the North County Governmental Center (1801 Cameron Glen Drive Reston, VA) will act as an American Red Cross Drop Off Center from September 5th until noon on September 15th. I ask that items are dropped out during our normal business hours, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, and are not left in the lobby which may interfere with Police operations.

Hudgins said items that are being sought include new or gently used clothing, shoes, household items and kitchenware. In addition, she said, “there has also be a large cry for unused underwear for those of all ages and diapers.”

“I thank you for your generosity and support of your fellow human,” Hudgins said.

For a full list of items that can be accepted, follow this link.

  • Rena Corey

    The link goes to GreenDrop, which is NOT American Red Cross. The list does not look accurate at all, as I seriously doubt we are supposed to be donating holiday decorations and CDs to the relief effort at this point. I’ve looked for an American Red Cross donation list online and can’t find one. Is there any way to talk to Hudgins and find out exactly what should be donated? From what I’ve read, mostly diapers, new underwear and socks, cleaning supplies, and dehumidifiers have been requested. Although, really, most of the organizations are asking for money, so they can buy exactly what they need.

    • Donald

      Look at local Houston (and other affected city/town) charities as well. They are closest to the need. i.e. pet shelters and rescues.


    • Reston Now

      That was the link provided by Supervisor Hudgins in her statement asking for donations.

      • Greg

        Is her quote accurate? “…support of your fellow human…”

        • Reston Now
          • Rena Corey

            That really isn’t what I’ve seen the rescue groups saying. They’re begging people not to send their used stuff down there right now. She may have the wrong info?

          • Greg

            It’s best to donate money directly to the charity of one’s choosing. It’s faster and nothing is deducted from your gifts.

            Greendrop is a middleman entity that collects used things, sells them in it its retail outlets, and remits some money to the end charities after Greendrop’s costs and profits are taken out.

            Using Greendrop, you will be able to recycle your used things, they will not be sent to Houston, and some percentage of their value will to to the charities.

  • Penny Cooper

    Green drop sells the items and I guess they are supposed to donate the money. They do not have to donate it to the Red Cross however. I suggest you go to a Texas website and donate cash to a group down there. They will then buy what the people need most.

  • 40yearsinreston

    Donate to the Houston mayors appeal
    thats closer to ground than the Red Cross who will squander a good percentage on ‘consultants’ ” like Anderson


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