Police: Nothing Found in Investigation Into Sounds of Shots in South Reston

Police were summoned to a South Reston neighborhood numerous times last weekend for reports of gunshots; however, they say nothing of interest was found.

A reader reported to Reston Now that the Fairfax County Police Department was called multiple times to her neighborhood, on Gunsmith Square, over Labor Day Weekend:

Thursday into Friday at midnight someone very close to my row of townhouses shot a gun twice. We back onto the woods where there are paths. It was unmistakably gunfire (we do get fireworks sometimes but this was not fireworks); I actually got out bed and called the police.

Very early [Monday] morning, approx. 1:15 AM, there were three shots (a little farther off) and 5 minutes later the police helicopter arrived. My husband says he thought the same thing happened Friday into Saturday.

The police have been very responsive every time, but I imagine it would be really difficult to find one person in the woods at night, especially since he probably didn’t stick around.

In response to a request for information, Pfc. Michael Crutchman of FCPD’s Media Relations Bureau confirmed that officers responded to the neighborhood on all those dates. However, he said, nothing credible was found on any visit.

According to Crutchman:

8/31: Officers responded out but did not find anything and the call was just a service call.

9/2: 2 calls for service, both for the same incident. A case was written, and the helicopter responded, but failed to find anything.

9/4: 6 calls for service, the first five were all in relation to one another around 1:50 a.m. Officers reported hearing fireworks in the area. The sixth call occurred around 1:58, and it was closed as unfounded as well.

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