Police: Reston Man Surprised to Find Woman Had Entered His House, Found His Pizza

by Dave Emke September 11, 2017 at 4:00 pm 16 Comments

A Lake Anne-area resident had a big surprise early Friday morning after he heard noises in his kitchen.

According to the Fairfax County Police Department, a man was in his bedroom at about 1:20 a.m. Friday when he heard the sounds in his home in the 1500 block of Northgate Square. When he investigated, he found a woman sitting on a counter. His refrigerator was open and a box of pizza was out on the table.

When the man said he was going to call the police, the woman left his home. Responding police officers, however, were able to locate her.

The suspect, 45-year-old Blanchee Smith, was arrested and faces a felony burglary charge.

Mugshot courtesy FCPD

  • Brad

    I don’t want to live in a Reston where it’s illegal to break into houses to eat leftover pizza.

  • TanyaMaz

    I don’t understand how this can happen. How did she have access to the man’s home? Did she break in, or was she known to the victim? Is this a trend on the rise? Is this something we should be concerned about with other leftovers?

    • Stunned by pizza

      Interesting questions. You could go deep and attend her court hearings and follow this public case. Please keep us looped about your find.

      • John Higgins

        Beyond interesting, this is an important element of the story. We read of another unauthorized entry to a residence last week, but no info as to how access was achieved. If the residences were unlocked, it would serve as an important reminder to all of us. If another technique was used, I’d find that useful to know.

  • TheAverageJoe123

    I wanna know what kind of pizza in Reston is good enough to warrant a felony burglary charge!

    • Feh

      § 18.2-89. Burglary; how punished.

      If any person break and enter the dwelling house of another in the nighttime with intent to commit a felony or any larceny therein, he shall be guilty of burglary, punishable as a Class 3 felony;

      (Break in and steal ANYTHING, it’s a felony.)

      • TheAverageJoe123

        My apologies, as my sentence structure sucked. It was a joke. I was wondering what pizza in Reston is worth risking a felony burglary charge.

    • Willie Reston

      Il Fornaio had pretty darn good pizza but it’s been gone a while.

  • Restonian

    He didn’t need to threaten to call the cops, just threaten to give her a “pizza” his mind!

    • The Constitutionalist


      You should apologize for both inciting violence against minorities, and making horrible puns.

  • Telford Barietsile

    She looks as dough she enjoyed it. *I’ll get my coat*.

    • Willie Reston

      Nobody’s topping this joke today.

      • Lake Anne Resident

        But did she knead it?

        • New Reston

          She’s really cheesing in that mugshot

  • Mike M

    OMG! I knew this day would come. It’s the pizza monsters! They’re here!

    • Thomas Day

      Love this comment! Best ever!


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