SLHS Seniors to Take Part in 25th Annual Ethics Day

by Fatimah Waseem November 20, 2017 at 11:30 am 6 Comments

Seniors at South Lakes High School will get a taste of the gray world of ethics tomorrow.

Students are participating in this year’s Ethics Day from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Sheraton Reston. The day, which is led by the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce, is designed to encourage the business community to collaborate with local youth. Chamber members will facilitate and lead discussion with youth involving four complex, real-life scenarios.

The event is marking its 25th anniversary tomorrow. It was launched by Charles Veatch, one of Reston’s key business leaders, in order to help local youth understand the importance of integrity in action. Similar programs happen across Fairfax County and the area.

More than 550 students will participate in the program. Roughly 75 chamber member volunteers will guide students through discussions about real-life scenarios.

Topics that will be discussed include bystander responsibility, unconscious bias, organ transplants and driving. Students will analyze each scenario and reach a conclusion based on the discussion.

For more information, contact the chamber via email or by phone at 703-707-9045.

Photo via Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce

  • Chuck Morningwood

    In today’s corporate environment, kids, the only ethic you need to understand is “shareholder value”. Customers are for fleecing, workers are for exploiting and the community is just an annoyance which needs to be placated with baubles and trinkets and trivial concessions. Never forget, the only people who truly matter is that all profit is for the shareholders; everyone else is just a nuisance.

    • Reston Realist

      So… what’s your point?

    • RestonAssurance

      Lol, very true!

  • RoadApples

    I am proud of my Son for many reasons as he is now 28 years old and graduated from SLHS in 2007. Proud of his 1st C[ass Character and his Personal Ethics in how he purports and conducts his life and his Professionalism in his successful Local career thus far.
    A great highlight for me; when his Class was scheduled for Senior Ethics Day: he requested me to phone him in out of action that day for high school; which I did and he proceeded to go to his part-time Job and work that day and be Productive and make $.
    A’int Freedom and Life Grand!

    • RestonAssurance

      I went at my Fairfax County high school and got to speak with local law enforcement, meet the faces of our community leaders and engage in lifelike scenarios. A real gain for my graduating class who attended.

      • RoadApples

        Congrats to you for your positive experience in your mindset. That being said I don’t why you are responding to me for my comment; as opposed too making a general comment.
        I will stand by my statement.
        In addition If law enforcement and faces of of our community leaders is your avocation so be be it.
        My Son as I; respect those individuals but we also realize that we are hard working Tax Payers and that those Folks work for us.


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