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Bozzuto’s New Aperture Apartments at Reston Station Fill ‘Decades-Old Gap’

by RestonNow.com November 29, 2017 at 11:30 am 35 Comments

The design behind Aperture Apartments, one of the first residential projects to open next to the new Metro station, was intended to fill a void in Reston’s architectural vernacular, according to the architecture firm behind the 421-unit luxury rental building.

“Our goal was to create a facade that would fill a decades-old gap in the city’s architectural vernacular,” said Rohit Anand, principal of KTGY Architecture + Planning, the architecture firm behind the design.

The project on 11410 Reston Station Blvd. is developed by Bozzuto Group and Veatch Commercial Real Estate in an effort to create an art-infused community that blurs the line between city and suburban living in a lower-density setting.

Anand said his team sought to create an entry plaza that would showcase a state-making art installation that would set the tone for the community. An underground parking garage with 589 parking spaces was also intended to enhance the experience on the street, he said.

The team also sought to create a community that would specifically attract artists and entrepreneurs. A double elliptical staircase in the lobby was intended to create a residential feel and lead up to gathering areas like an e-lounge and conference room, a library nook and a shared office area.

On the second floor, three interior courtyard will take up roughly 23,000 square feet of the space with a pool, grilling stations and seating. The courtyard connects to other rooms like a club lounge and an outdoor yoga center that is part of the building’s fitness center. A second courtyard contains a television, fire pit and seating. The third deck is intended to house a community dog run, according to the firm.

Aperture was previously the home of a retail strip center and a mini-storage facility.  The project is part of the ongoing $5.3 billion Dulles Corridor Metrorail project and Silver Line expansion.

  • 40yearsinreston

    Any ‘work force affordable,’ rentals ?

    • OneReally

      Depends on your workforce. 🙂

    • Greg

      Five percent (21) of them are section 8 and seven percent (30) of them are workforce units.

      51 units!

      • 40yearsinreston

        Where do I sign up for a free apartment

        • OneReally

          If you work and here legally. Then you’re out of luck.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Ah, yes. The Twig over Concrete building. My sympathies to the buyers.

    “On the second floor, three interior courtyard will roughly 23,000 square
    feet of the space with a pool, grilling stations and seating.”

    Proofreading is your friend.

    • Generic User

      That and paragraphs 1 & 2 make heavy use of the phrase “fill a decades-old gap in the city’s architectural vernacular.” Time to buy a Thesaurus.

  • cRAzy

    A Texas donut with underground parking. Ugly as a shipping crate–which it looks like.

  • Guest

    Resembles in some respects other apartment buildings that Bozzuto has built in the metro area. The units themselves are fairly pedestrian and also resemble those found in other newer buildings of this sort, so nothing all that special here. Still, it does fill in a niche in the rental market so props to Bozzuto for getting there first.

    • Anonymous Poster

      I don’t understand, what niche is that? There are lots of luxury rentals in BLVD and at the Reston Town Center.

      • Greg

        It must be that they are RA members — biggest selling feature, ever, no?

    • Greg

      Expensive tiny spaces?

      Studio $1,690 – 1,860: 500 square ft.
      1 Bedroom $1,756 – 2,650: 700 square ft
      2 Bedrooms $2,192 – 3,500: 1000 square ft

    • I’d Rather Post As A Guest

      First mover advantage! Over-priced apartments for starving artists in the burbs! Now there’s a niche for you.Can’t miss! Solid Gold!

  • Thomas Stearns

    The Aperture is another Bozzuto monstrosity, vastly oversized for the property, sizzle without quality, and unattractive. Reston Now should be ashamed running a corporate advertisement in the guise of an article. The Reston public expects more from Reston Now, but has no expectation of Bozzuto building anything worth living in or looking at.

    • ComplainComplain

      You sound like an old grump. Realize you’re not the target market and move on.

      • Greg

        And who are you? Grinch? #smfh.

  • Guest

    I guess the blur “between city and suburban living” is the giant metro station next door,and obscene amount of traffic on the small side street.

  • 40yearsinreston

    where do they get these “names” for these lego blocks ?

    • Greg

      Good question — but less is apparently more. We go from “Aperture,” to “BLVD” to “VY.”

      Next eyesore will be a single letter. E, perhaps, for eyesore?

      • Mike M

        How about ‘@’?

  • Kara Gardner Wills

    Bozzuto needs to be held accountable for infrastructure to support these huge growth projects. Roads, schools, police, fire, etc…

    • OneReally

      You mean our elected officials need to work out better deals to support our infrastructure.

    • EliteinReston

      Here you go. You can decide whether the county held Bozzuto accountable and got a good deal:

    • 40yearsinreston

      Hudgens is the culprit

  • Mike M

    Yes, it covers the “gap” between what made current residents want to live here and what will accelerate their departure.

    PS: Hideous?

    • Guest

      It fills a niche market—expensive apartments for starving artists next to a metro station. First mover!!

  • Bah

    Low-rise apartment building with a courtyard and underground parking? Yeah that’ll get the artsy-fartsy types all excited, I’m sure. No way they could find that anywhere else in the county.

  • Greendayer

    An article written by the Aperture PR dept? The People will decide whether they like it or not. The comment section usually doesn’t like anything. I do think the outdoor yoga studio in the winter will be a tough sell.

    • Greg

      No doubt. And poorly written at that. Reston the city?

    • The Constitutionalist

      Just like bike lanes.

      • OneReally

        Best sarcasm voice: “but its such a great addition to the feel of Reston. 😉

  • Greg

    “…showcase a state-making art installation…”

    What could this be? State making? Reston, the state?

  • Greg

    “An underground parking garage with 589 parking spaces was also intended to enhance the experience on the street.”

    How so?

    What does one experience on the street? With or without an underground garage?

    Maybe it’s a fail as it “was intended.”

    • 40yearsinreston

      Need some muggers to enhance the street exoeritence

  • Dj O

    “Lower density setting” … LOL

    bossuto apartments are overpriced crap! Cheaply constructed with paper thin walls and floors.


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