Reston Hospital Center To Build Emergency Department in Tysons

by Fatimah Waseem December 13, 2017 at 4:00 pm 9 Comments

Reston Hospital Center has filed plans to build a two-story emergency department in Tysons, according to the Washington Business Journal.

The hospital, which is owned by HCA Holdings, Inc. would build an emergency center on 2000 Old Gallows Road in Vienna, land that is currently zoned for commercial uses. The proposal for the $1.1 million project includes 11 patient rooms for emergency care. RHC is seeking to have the property rezoned from commercial use. The project has already received state regulatory approval.

According to the Washington Business Journal, the move could deepen a battle between HCA and Inova over the market in northern Virginia:

HCA officials said the 24-hour emergency department would offer hospital-level emergency care in an accessible location, not to mention one with rapid population growth. They pointed to growth projections showing that Tysons will have more than 100,000 residents and 200,000 jobs by 2050, adding that a new freestanding emergency department there “will reduce the time county emergency services need to spend transporting patients while decompressing local hospital emergency rooms.”

At about 4 miles away, the nearest full-service hospital to Tysons currently is Inova Fairfax, the flagship, 833-bed facility that anchors Inova Health System, Northern Virginia’s largest hospital network. Indeed, HCA’s latest plan for the Tysons emergency department deepens a longstanding battle between HCA and Inova for market share in the highly competitive health care space in Northern Virginia.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Since Fairfax Hospital is just down the street, why would this be necessary? Or is traffic getting so bad in the area that travel times from Tyson’s to Merrifield even with emergency protocols is prohibitive?

    • Freeway

      Medical care in America is a business. The more locations the more money. The parcel they wish to construct this project is very small. Unless they build it tall with a parking garage underneath but at $1.1m I doubt that will be the case.

      • The Constitutionalist

        Oh is that the secret? I guess all the failing retailers, in an effort to save their business, should open up more locations.

        • Reston1

          No, the secret is Medical Care and Retail don’t have the same business models.

          • The Constitutionalist

            That’s true. One is guaranteed money for services rendered at any price and the other has to obey market trends.

          • Mike M

            So, we wonder why healthcare is so expensive, so we offer more subsidy. Then, we wonder why healthcare is so expensive, so we add more subsidy. Then we wonder why . . . yea, well, insanity.

        • Freeway

          Are medical centers failing retailers?

  • Freeway

    The plot of land they wish to construct this on is tiny. I’m sure the residents of the neighborhood right behind will be thrilled.

  • Residents are not in favor of putting an Emergency Room on a tiny piece of land in their backyard. Support the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/fairfax-county-relocate-tysons-emergency-center


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