Herndon Man Charged in Sexual Assault of Minor

by Fatimah Waseem February 22, 2018 at 1:10 pm 15 Comments

A Herndon man was charged yesterday for having inappropriate sexual relations with a juvenile, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.

Marvin Ramirez-Ayala, 20, was charged with three counts of sending sexually explicit messages over social media and two counts of sexual assault. The relationship began last summer and only came to light this week, police said.

“There is no indication the suspect was involved with any other juveniles,” according to a statement from the office.

Ramirez-Ayala is being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center on no bond.

Photo via Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office

  • Mike M

    Herndon man stays busy. Dios mio!

    In this case I prefer Cro Magnon man.

  • DiosMio

    Marvin was just here with love in his heart. He dreamed of spreading love to everyone, even those that didn’t want it.

  • Sandy

    How old is the juvenile? In reading this story it looks as if he may of gotten involved with an older teenager or some sort of teenager. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, because if this girl is 16 or 17 I feel bad for this young man, knowing he’ll be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life for a consensual relationship. Most young 20yr old men have the mentality of a teenager or tend to date a high school sweetheart. As an educator I see this all the time and it usually involves young women lying about their age or cultural issues. My comment is based completely on how this article reads. It does not mention parents, neighbors, mention the word young child, etc. It does however mention that he was texting inappropriate photos of himself, which is something teenagers usually engage in quite often. It would be odd for a 20yr old to text these type of pictures to a young child, but I can’t put it past him. People in this world never seem to amaze me at some of the disgusting things they’ll do.

    • Greg

      Don’t they see what happens when our elected representatives fall for sexting? Carlos Danger? Anthony Weiner?

      Also, a 16- or 17-year old is unable to lawfull enter a consensual relationship, is she?

      • Sandy

        You are correct. The age of consent for the state of Va. is 18. My comment still stands, because if the victim is 17 and will be 18 soon, I think its still a shame he will have to registrar. This is why I will be following this story to see if this is the case or if he is indeed a sicko. We have lots of young people that graduate at 19, because they have a “late birthday” and entered school late. This means they meet a young lady a year under them, start to date, he turns 18, she’s 16 or 17 and now he’s registered sex offender. There are also young people that lie in regard to age and the foolish partner falls for it. I would love to see more facts on this case to see where he stands……foolish or needs to be placed under the jail.

        It baffles me of the number of people that send these type of photos. Both young and old, they just never seem to learn, no matter how many examples of videos and pictures gone wrong that come out in the media.

        • Mike M

          I had a lengthy thought out response. The editor censored it. There were no rules violations.

      • homeydclown

        And how absurd is that?

    • Rich Smith


    • Mike M

      Cultural issues? Please explain. I smell rich chocolate truffles!

      • Sandy

        In some cultures people “believe” that it is OK to date a minor and it makes it very difficult, as you try to explain to them that here in the US, this is NOT OK and against the law. For some no matter how hard you try to explain this, they don’t understand, because its part of their culture and belief system, making it difficult for high school educators to try and change a mindset that has been ingrained into someone from birth. Its a difficult thing for those that have to learn a whole new way of thinking because of our laws here in the US. This is what I mean by culture issues

        • homeydclown

          Most states in this country believes it is ok to date a minor. Every state in this country believes it is ok to marry a minor, with parental permission. Every state in this country believes it is ok to treat a (14 year old) minor as an adult in the criminal justice system.

          Just for context…

        • Lori

          I went to school with Marvin. It’s not a cultural issue, he grew up in the United States.
          I personally believe it’s an older teenager that he met at school, he’s a year older than most of his class (he graduated in 2017) so it could be that he was dating freshman/sophomore When he was a senior and continues the relationship not thinking anything of the age difference.

        • Mike M

          When in Rome. I think you just presented another argument in favor of controlling immigration volume and sources. You know I said something very similar in here a few weeks ago and was branded a racist. Do you find it OK, that this behavior is ongoing. How about the Middle Easterners assaulting women in Germany. How about female circumcision from Africa? You see, if you want a part of the USA, you need to be willing to understand and BE a part and not stay apart. If you can’t do that, stay home. In truth, I think there are some standards of behavior that are just wrong anywhere. I read once of an Abenaki Indian scolding a Jesuit as he ate the flesh of his English captive, stating basically, “To me, father, this is good meat. It’s all relative!” Meanwhile the Abenaki’s friends were making other English captives partake of their former colleague. But it’s not truly relative, is it. I have been around. We have something special. Let’s not give it away.

      • homeydclown

        Age of consent in Germany is 14, 15in Sweden, France and Denmark. Perhaps this is what Sandy means?

        • Mike M

          Yes. Perhaps indeed! 😉


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