Lake Anne Brew House Works With Breweries to Create Special Brew for International Women’s Day

by RestonNow.com March 8, 2018 at 3:45 pm 7 Comments

Today is International Women’s Day and Lake Anne Brew House is brewing up something special to celebrate.

The business, which is located on 11424 Washington Plaza West, will join 15 breweries to make a special beer called 15 Shades of Grisette. The recipe was piloted at Lake Anne Brew House.

The collaboration is part of the Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew Day, which aims to raise the profile of women’s roles in the beer industry.

A release party will be held at Old Ox Brewery on April 13, followed by a taproom release at Lake Anne Brew House on April 14.

Here’s more from Melissa Romano, owner of Lake Anne Brew House:

As a female owned brewery, with a female Brewer on staff, we are active members of the Pink Boots Society (PBS), which is an organization that supports women in the Brewing industry. PBS sponsors an annual collaborative Brewing day (on national Women’s Day) where breweries are encouraged to come together and Brew a beer which will be shared among all participants. Portions of proceeds realized from the sales of the beer at each location go to sponsor scholarships and programs funded by PBS.

  • Hung over

    Anyone who can drink ten of these without catching a yeast infection gets a free pussy hat.

    Just kidden.

  • RoadApples

    Congrats to Female entrepreneurs/capitalists for their hard work/perseverance to be successful.
    That being said; Repeal the 19th Amendment.

    • Mike M

      Congrats to any entrepreneur who succeeds. Stop with the pandering already.

  • A. Ladyface

    Hi the brew was held at Solace Brewing company and hosted by their lead brewer.

    • A. Ladyface

      It would have been nice for you to mention.

      • Mike M

        Um, editing herein limps. She is too busy censoring comments she doesn’t like.

    • Melissa Berkemeier Romano

      Thanks A. Ladyface. Yes, we were very fortunate to have SOLACE among the 15 Breweries that collaborated on this beer, and Bridgette organized and lead the troops for brew day at her amazing facility. The complete list of collaborating breweries is: Beltway, Bike TrAle, Black Hoof, DC Brau, Dirt Farm, Lake Anne Brew House, Lickinghole Creek, Lost Rhino, New District, Ocelot, Old Ox, Red Dragon, Seven Arrows, Solace, and 3 Stars.


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