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Herndon Man Killed in Great Falls Vape Store

by RestonNow.com March 16, 2018 at 2:35 pm 18 Comments

A 21-year-old Herndon man was killed by an acquaintance inside Vapology101, a vape store on the 10100 block of Colvin Run Road Thursday night.

Bao Hung Van was found dead at the scene around 7:40 p.m. on Thursday, according to the Fairfax County Police Department.

The suspect, Manvinder Aulakh, 22, of McLean, was at the business when police arrived and was arrested without incident, police said.

Aulakh was charged with murder and the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. He is being held at the adult detention center without bond.

Photo via FCPD

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Rest in peace, Bao Hung Van. My condolences to your family, friends and acquaintances.

    So, Mr. Manvinder Aulakh, now that you’ve had a half of a day to think about it, was what ever disagreement you had with Mr. Van worth spending the best part of you adulthood behind bars?

    • Connie

      This is what happens when hot headed, immature people carry loaded guns around get into heated disputes and arguments. Without guns this incident would have been at worst punches or maybe hookah pipes thrown, but more likely just some curse words and birdies exchanged, with the parties moving on. At least in a loud brawl bystanders can jump in break it up; with guns involved everybody takes cover ( who can blame them ?). The usual argument for allowing guns is freedom and self defense, ect … But you rarely see guns drawn for “defense” purposes, where some bad actor brandishes a gun in a public place and another random bystander draws his gun to shoot down the first guy, like Clinton in movies. Just get rid of guns altogether makes our country safer.

      • The Constitutionalist

        Of course. Straight to the blame the gun argument. The classic.

      • OneReally

        “But you rarely see guns drawn for “defense” purposes, where some bad
        actor brandishes a gun in a public place and another random bystander
        draws his gun to shoot down the first guy, like Clinton in movies”

        I am so glad you are all seeing.

        What about that home invasion in the middle of the night? Here is a story for you. Bad guy breaks into my house. He is carrying a knife. I’m pull out a gun. He beats feet and leaves ASAP.

        Please stop will your generalization.

      • Jane

        Nice agenda push – or lazy thinking. I can’t tell which one it is. Since neither one of us have any facts are are just spouting our feelings, I think it was incident happened due to a breakdown of values. One parent house holds that have focused on raising victims instead of upstanding members of society.

        I have no doubt that if Mr Aulakh ran Mr Van down with a …err van, you’d be posting how that the driving age is too low, or that America’s “Car Culture” is the cause of this incident. After all, even the insurance companies know that male drivers under 25 are ‘high risk’ and adjust their insurance rates accordingly.

  • Mike M

    McLean man! Killed your bud!
    Is this another case of non-natives in conflict?

  • Willie Reston

    He’s wearing something that suggests perhaps he planned the crime ahead of time and came prepared to clean up the scene.

    • John

      Or he could be wearing what the cops gave him after they took all of his clothes and bagged them up for evidence.

      • Willie Reston

        True. I considered that, but what do you think the odds are that the cops give out paper hoodies?

        • John

          I figure that is what they have in the trunks of their cars. They probably have a box of a dozen of those paper coveralls just like they have a box of rubber or latex surgical gloves.

        • OneReally

          He would have changed clothes during booking. Being a capital charge he probably wasn’t given a jumpsuit due possible suicide concerns.

  • RestonAssurance

    Trifling. Condolences to Mr. Van’s family.

  • Mike M

    The non-natives are restless. Kinda bumping into each other.

    • John

      Non-natives? There aren’t really any natives in this area. They were all chased out of here over a century and a half ago.

      • The Constitutionalist

        So how far back does your family history have to go before you’re considered a native?

    • Willie Reston

      You have proof that he wasn’t born here?

  • Smoke face killa

    I don’t always smoke hookah but when I do I never pass it. RIP

  • meh

    Diversity is our strength. Part and parcel of living near a big city
    is having wondeful people like Manvinder in our community! We need
    more. We must ask why he was brought to such an extreme act.

    More jobs? More compassion? More tolerance?

    Somehow this is our fault as a community for not being more open and accepting


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