Thursday Morning Notes

by Fatimah Waseem March 29, 2018 at 9:00 am 18 Comments

Recognition for Frank de la Fe — The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors honored the Restonian for his service on the county’s planning commission for 16 years. [The Connection]

Mom defends son who faces murder charges — The 17-year-old Lorton teenager who has been charged with the murders of Scott Fricker, 48, and his wife Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, 43, has been called an alt-right killer. But his mother told says her son has struggled with mental health issues for years. [The Washington Post]

A response to school shootings and gun violence — South Lakes High School seniors held a voter registration drive in their U.S. history class. [The Connection]

Walk for the Walker Nature Center — The 15th annual walk to benefit the center, which offers environmental education, is set for April 14. Registration is open online. [Walker Nature Center]

USA Today highlights local Olympian — March is Girls Sports Month, so the news outlet featured Reston’s own Maame Biney, an Olympic short track speed skater. [USA Today]

Photo by Ruth Sievers

  • OneReally

    “A response to school shootings and gun violence — South Lakes High School seniors held a voter registration drive in their U.S. history class.”

    Well in this area. Gerald Connolly is the congressman. Are they voting for him again?

    • Mike M

      They will continue to vote as the DNC instructs them. All the while, they will continue to whine about the status quo as though it’s the other party’s fault. I think Cathy Hudgins is the perfect example of the left’s brainwashing.

      • OneReally

        Agreed! Remember everything is Trump’s fault.

      • 30yearsinreston

        They will vote as they see fit
        I dont think young adults are as brainwashed by political parties as some may think
        Their interests and corncerns aren’t necessarily addressed by either Republicans or Democrats
        I see an opening for third party candidates not tied to either camp

        • Group think

          In a recent survey high schoolers were presented with Republican ideas disguised as Democrat thought leaders – guess what they supported? … exactly

          Also, its well documented that the Union is promoting their marxist agenda non stop thru out the school year.

          • David Romero

            There is nothing Marxist about collective bargaining. The idea that workers negotiating on behalf of their own interests amounts to an evil agenda is crazy.

          • Mike M

            You are addressing whose point? If the Union is leftist and the teaching is contaminated by bias, THAT is crazy.

          • Anonymous Person

            The comment mentioned nothing about collective bargaining. What a strange non sequitur.

          • David Romero

            That is the entire point of a union.

        • Anonymous Person

          There’s good reason that it’s very, very unlikely in the US system to ever see a viable third party. Two big tent parties are much more likely in a non-parliamentary system.

          It’s also not shocking that most children follow their parents’ ideals relatively blindly while under their care. So it’s more accurate to say they’re ‘brainwashed’ by their parents, though most people would argue that’s just their upbringing.

          I’m more concerned about the amount of time that high school seems to spend on political rallies and action, versus teaching activities.

    • 30yearsinreston

      They didn’t vote for him the last time Their parents may have

      • OneReally

        OK so they rally for all of these new voters and what? Vote for the establishment. Both sides play political football to get gather votes.

        I say vote Gerry and Tim out of office this mid-term.

    • Gun violence

      Gerry wanted boots on the ground in Syria.

      • OneReally

        We have / had boots on the ground in Syria.

    • TheRealMikeSapupello

      SLHS students are changing the world! Except they’re not:

      “Social Psychology Suggests “March for Our Lives” Is Unlikely to Change Anything. Here’s Why.”


  • Mike M

    Sorry, but I think I recognize Frank de la Fe as possibly one of the most important agents in the destruction of Reston as we knew it. In my view he has never served the people of Reston or Fairfax, but did a good job for special interests. It seems to me that is how he viewed his mission. I wonder what he gained from it all.


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