Herndon Town Council to Consider Installing Free Public WiFi, Declaring June LGBTQ Pride Month

by RestonNow.com June 12, 2018 at 10:15 am 27 Comments

The Town of Herndon’s Council will consider a proclamation to officially recognize June as “LGBTQ+ Pride Month” at a public hearing tonight at 7 p.m. in the Herndon Council Chambers Building (765 Lynn Street).

The proclamation intends to “recognize the difficulties and prejudice the LGBTQ+ community has worked to overcome,” in addition to recognizing the work of advocates who fight for equality for all people.

The Town Council is also considering launching a Smart Cities pilot program in Herndon. Through the agreement with Vivacity D.C. Inc., a Delaware-based corporation, the town will evaluate smart city technologies, including remote-controlled LED lights with radio capabilities in downtown Herndon in an effort to reduce electricity and maintenance costs.

Upgraded infrastructure, to be installed by the end of the year, would allow the town to provide free public WiFi, improve mobile coverage and county pedestrian traffic, according to the draft pilot project agreement.

Specifically, Vivacity DC, Inc. will build a wireless network in the downtown area, replace 10 street light poles with LED smart poles, and upgrade 10 existing street light poles with LED lighting. The project also includes the installation of an electric vehicle charging station.

Town Council public hearings are webcast and are cablecast live on Herndon Community Television (HCTV).

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  • OneReally

    ” would allow the town to provide free public WiFi”

    Note to self. Never connect a personal device to a government controlled hot spot.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Why, pray tell, would the ToH need a full month for LGBTQ+? Krikeys, they can’t even generate enough business to support a queer bar.

    • Mike M

      False championing is what lefties do. They are always saving something – usually things that don’t really need saving. But it’s like when a little boy puts on a cape and plays the super hero. It gives him a rush. It’s the heart and soul of the left. It is their spirit. It is their irreligious religion. It makes them feel morally superior to those who won’t play along. It’s much like the game the religious right plays in the electorate. Like a shark, they have to keep finding new things to consume as it becomes clear over the years that sob stories wear down over time and many are exposed as somewhat fraudulent.

      • John

        Wow dude, you have such a negative worldview. I hope things are going well enough in your life and you can find some sort of peace each day. Life is so short and getting bent out of shape about things will rob us of the time we have. There is nothing wrong with recognizing a month for Pride and no one is shoving a rainbow flag in your hand or forcing you to put a bumper sticker on your car. If you don’t want to participate, you don’t have to.

        • Mike M

          Well, John. That’s not always true. In fact, there are those who would love to shove a flag in my hand and force me to do all kinds of things on the premise of political correctness. Some righties want to do this too. It’s political extremism. Only the left extreme has seeped into mainstream. You are declaring my views “negative” when I think I see things pretty clearly, but perhaps you simply might not like my observations. I manage well enough most of the time, John. But it is not lost on me that many would love to declare my views negative, hostile, incorrect, or even racist and have them censored simply because they don’t agree. Odd? My view of the leftist tendency is what it is. Sorry it offended you or made you sad. How about you think about what I said instead of judging it superficially?

          • John

            I’m not offended by what you had to say, my concern is simply that you are finding something fulfilling in your life and to convey that you don’t have to participate in Pride events. Additionally I wasn’t judging anything superficially, your comments across this post clearly detail the depths of your beliefs. I hope many years from now you don’t regret spending so much time sharing comments on a local community news site.

          • Mike M

            No worries. I won’t regret sharing my observations with my neighbors.

          • Donald

            It goes beyond your neighbors.

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          • Mike M

            Donald, one day I will share my views with the whole world.

  • cRAzy

    I’m confused. Is this RestonNow or HerndonNow? About half the articles seem to be about the town, not our community.

    • vdiv

      What “community”? Geographic proximity is not sufficient to form a community.

    • Chuck Morningwood

      That’s because there used to be a wooded buffer between Herndon and Reston. Now were one big megalopolis. That is, of course, unless you consider the Fairfax County Parkway as the demarcation between the two. I suppose you could make that distinction, in much the same way that the DTR is the demarcation line between North Reston and The Barrio.

      • Greg

        That corroding, asunder, rusting wall, or whatever it’s supposed to be, on the Reston side of the parkway bridge over Elden Street is the barrier.


        • Chuck Morningwood

          I was looking at that just the other day as I was stopped at the traffic light. That thing is a heap of rusted, corroding nastiness. Why can’t we get a developer proffer to fix that up?

          • 30yearsinreston

            Because Hudgins is in charge

          • Greg

            Do you know what its purpose is? Why is it only on one side of the bridge?

            I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before one of the panels falls and hits someone or something.

    • Greg

      They are press releases, perhaps reworked, but certainly not journalistic (or any other) articles.

  • The Constitutionalist

    I’m going to have to add the plus sign to my fluid list of possible orientations.

    • Mike M

      If the left had their way, it would be an infinity sign. But that’s not on most keyboards. The implied endlessness says volumes about the left.

      Seriously! Not to be retro or even biased. But doesn’t Q cover it? I mean they use it.

      These ‘pride’ moments are now a badge and credential to the left. Funny thing though. There are LGB Conservatives. They share the interests of the rest of us. The various divisions of society are catching on the the DNCs divide and conquer strategy.

  • Greg

    Upgraded infrastructure, to be installed by the end of the year, would allow the town to provide free public WiFi, improve mobile coverage and county pedestrian traffic, according to the draft pilot project agreement.

    How will “upgraded [WiFI] infrastructure” improve county pedestrian traffic?

  • Greg

    BTW, Herndon, pave your bumpy Elden Street and fix your depressed manhole covers. Stat.

    That’s the infrastructure you should improve. Basics first; frills later.

  • ShadowoodUpToNoGood

    1. Who pays for this “Free” Wi-Fi?
    2. If the B in LGBT stands for Bi and websters dictionary defines it as “into two parts” doesn’t that mean there are only two genders?
    3. When is nuclear family month where we celebrate a traditional family?

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Sounds fabulous on both counts! Yay, Herndon!


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