Religious Groups to Host Interfaith ‘Families Belong Together’ Vigil

by RestonNow.com June 28, 2018 at 2:30 pm 23 Comments

The United Christian Parish (11508 North Shore Drive) will host an interfaith vigil in support of the national “Families Belong Together” campaign tomorrow. 

A rally is scheduled for Saturday in the District in order demand the reunification of families and the end of family separation in detention.

In Reston, organizers hope Friday’s event will “shine a light of truth and hope.” The event is open to all and is organized by United Christian Parish Reston, Unitarian Universalist Reston, Washington Plaza Baptist, Shoreshim, Unity Fairfax, ADAMS Center, MCC NOVA, and others.

“The vigil is very important as we join together to light candles of hope and resistant to unjust and inhumane policies that separate families [and] put children, immigrants, and asylum seekers into cages,” said James Dean, co-chair of UCP’s justice and peace ministry team.

“Some of us can’t march, but we can gather together as part of this interfaith vigil,” Dean said.

Organizers of the national campaign issued the following description of the event:

The Trump Administration is a threat to the lives and safety of millions of immigrant children. Trump’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents have torn babies from their mothers, run over, punched, and sexually abused children and Health and Human Services have lost track of thousands of children and youth in their custody. They are unfit to be in charge of children.

We demand that Trump’s immigration agencies stop the implementation of any policy that separates children and youth from their families and that the Administration enlist qualified social service agencies to ensure the well-being of children who are still in their custody or have gone missing.

Photo via UCP

  • ObamaDidItToo

    M A N U F A C T U R E D O U T R A G E

    • lmao

      I T W A S W R O N G T H E N T O O A N D P E O P L E S H O U L D H A V E B E E N O U T R A G E D

      • Mike M

        You are fooled by propagandists. These left wing politi-churches are becoming more obnoxious than those on the right. Their righteousness makes them very hateful. Remember the Red Hen! Peace, love, . . . right!

        • Facts matter

          Civil war because some would like a strong voter and tax base.

          • Mike M

            I have been saying that political violence is right around the corner. The left is pushing for it. Some might say it is already here.

          • Willie Reston

            “The left is pushing for it.” Again, with your delusions. All the right does is elect puppets of the plutocracy who take take take from the bottom 80% and hand it directly to the top 20%, then blame the bottom 80% for lashing out about it. Who’s really pushing who here?

          • Mike M

            Thanks, Karl.

        • lmao

          I’d be ok with no churches of any kind in Reston.

          • Mike M

            Amen, Brother!

          • OneReally

            Main reason I stopped attending church is all of the politics involved.

            Now I prefer to study on my own.

        • Chuck Morningwood

          Didn’t Jesus so something about “Love thy neighbor” and “Helping the lesser amongst us?

          • Mike M

            Then why are you folks so hateful toward people with whom you disagree?
            Then why do you fall prey to the propagandists who triggered the mess on the border for political gain? Why do you want to characterize the enforcement of our laws as evil? If you folks are so righteous, why do you keep signing up taxpayers to foot the bill for your largesse, even if they think you are wrong?

          • Chuck Morningwood

            Maybe, Mike. But What Would Jesus Do?

          • Mike M

            You ask yourself that. I don’t worry about that. I’m not clear who paid Jesus’s bills. I know who pays mine. Why don;t you and your fellow Christians cover the global masses with your own resources.

          • OneReally

            Nice spin! We are still a nation of laws. Crossing a border of a sovereign is an illegal act.

  • Why do you bother?

    Great thing to do!

  • The Original Drive By Critic

    Strong and secure borders, and a functioning immigration system, are requisites for any sovereign nation. No one wants to see families separated but manufactured outrage and stunts like this are no substitute for a carefully thought out set of comprehensive immigration laws and procedures. Four Presidents and numerous Congresses have thus far failed to deliver and so we still have a hot mess at our borders. No one should be in favor of perpetually open borders and illegal immigration. Our politicians are willing to accept broken families, uncontrolled illegal border crossings, illegal employment of undocumented workers by businesses absent a functioning work permit system,and the sham of “sanctuary cities” because they are lazy , uninterested in compromise, and ideologically driven to extremes of left and right. Our country cannot continue to be the repository of other nations social and economic problems, nor should we be willing to accept the twin dogmas of multiculturalism and amnesty for those who impose themselves upon us, and who do not belong here. (But we are conflicted–most of us wouldn’t vote for a Corey Stewart if our lives depended in it, because like the Trumpster, he is an insincere fool.)

  • Captain Obvious

    Great we are having protests in Reston.
    But somehow peaceful vigils don’t seem To quite measure up to the outrage these corrupt and brutal thugs running our nation deserve to experience!
    They should be driven out and our constitutional, humane processes restored.

    • The Shadow Governor

      Agree, Trump is one sonofagun. Lets leave it there, I am scared.

      • Mike M

        Let’s leave it there. You are scared.

    • Mike M

      Are they really in your constitutional? Check your diet.

  • Greg

    “…millions of immigrant children.”

    Is that so?

  • SRSLY?

    ” run over, punched, and sexually abused children and
    Health and Human Services have lost track of thousands of children and
    youth in their custody. They are unfit to be in charge of children.”

    Seems a little sensationalized to me….


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