Del. Ken Plum: You Hit Me First!

by Del. Ken Plum July 5, 2018 at 12:00 pm 15 Comments

Del. Ken Plum/File photoThis is an opinion column by Del. Ken Plum (D), who represents Reston in Virginia’s House of Delegates. It does not reflect the opinion of Reston Now.

Every parent of two or more children has experienced this scenario: Two children in the back seat of a vehicle get bored. When no one is looking, the first child pokes or pinches the other. The victim yells or screams with lots of drama as to how they have been hurt or offended.

That gives the second child license to strike back just as the parents take note of what is happening. At that moment it looks like the second child is the offender and is given a punishment. The first child is amused, giggles and enjoys that the brother or sister having done nothing is suddenly in trouble.

This little tale is innocent enough as children grow up and learn through experience how to interact and relate to others. Not so innocent and very serious is the situation we have been witnessing for more than a year. The administration uses vile language that is offensive to all but some of its most ardent supporters.

The advocates for democracy and a fair and sane governmental framework criticize the administration. Representatives of the administration respond with name calling, falsehoods and extreme claims and criticisms. Any response by those who disagree is received with further name calling and false claims. Who is to blame for this exchange?

The administration has been successful at pointing fingers at their critics putting them on the defensive. These exchanges can be really tough to unravel especially with an administration that is willing to make up their own reality and tell out-right lies to justify their actions. Shouting matches often ensue; in the worst cases threats are made, and in an all-too-frequent occurrence violence takes place.

While I fully understand the desire on the part of some to yell and scream (I do so to myself frequently), the vile language and threats are examples of speaking past each other. I want to express in as strong terms as I can how upset and concerned I am about the actions of the government and this administration over the past months. I view them as a real threat to our democracy, immoral, and the lowest point we have seen as a society.

I will be present at as many vigils and marches as I can to join with those who want major and immediate changes to what is happening to our country. I will not call for nor participate in violence. I will support court actions to stop harmful activities by the administration as much as possible.

Most importantly I will work for Senate and Congressional candidates who are committed to stopping the damage of this administration and taking back our country from the special interests that have been allowed to run rampant in using the government for their personal profit. I will be tireless and will work to enlist people to join me and the thousands who are committed to reversing these dangerous directions.

I am not going to let the administration convince anyone else that someone else hit first. We need to stick together, be strategic in our responses, and be smarter than they are to reverse what is happening in our country. We can do that this November at the ballot boxes.

  • SHebert

    Your gang is the problem!

    • 30yearsinreston

      Clinton was the biggest lobbyist President in recent history

  • Anonymous Poster

    I like how pointing out how the honorable delegate uses wide-brush slurs against anyone to the left of the USSR goes to moderation.

  • KennyP

    “I view them as a real threat to our democracy, immoral, and the lowest point we have seen as a society.” Lowest unemployment rate, highest stock market gains, ISIS defeated, Koren War ending. Keep crying Ken.

  • 30yearsinreston

    “..from the special interests that have been allowed to
    run rampant in using the government for their personal profit.”

    Did you fight against the Clintons, the masters of this game ?

    Take back this country ? I didn’t know you and your party owned it

  • Reston Realist

    Ken, Why do you feel it necessary to disparage an entire portion of your electorate? You represent everyone in Reston and you always run un-opposed….. so you would think that your columns could be less of a hit piece on the administration (which believe it or not is supported by many) and perhaps write something that is not quite so offensive.

    Trying earning money sometime in the private sector and perhaps you will think more evenhandedly

  • Sharon Canner

    Thank you, Ken, for your leadership. Very well said.

    • 30yearsinreston

      Is it April 1st ?
      You may be confused

      • I’m With M!

        The bar is pretty low, to be a celebrated Dem now a days, all you have to do is campaign violence against Trump and you’ll be a hero. So much for “Love trumps hate”. #WalkAway

    • Mike M

      Sharon, Ken is a state-level lol. Yet he speaks of the “administration” as though he is a Congressman. What exactly has he done in his real job? He is nothing but a useless DNC operative. Political violence is around the corner. He stokes it obliviously by demonizing his opposition. You like all that?

      • I’m With M!

        What has he done in his real job? Well, for one he fires up that sweet Prius every Summer and goes to Montcello where he just cannot GTFO the fact that Jefferson was a slave owner. Surely that counts for something.

        • Mike M


  • Proud American

    Ken, you’re always babbling about a more inclusive Virginia so why did our press secretary recently get kicked out of a Virginia restaurant? She’s your press secretary too!

    Oh, and remind me, who was it calling for harassment and unrest of current administration officials?

    • MAGA

      If Ken could honestly answer these questions I would consider voting for him the next time he runs unopposed.

  • KennyP

    Also, Happy 4th of July, said Ken Plum never.


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