Reston, VA

During its meeting on Thursday, the Reston Association’s Board of Directors will dive into updates about capital projects for this year, including the renovation of the Central Services Facility.

Thus far, pedestrian pathway lighting projects, upgrades to the Lake Anne Dam and longterm planning are on hold. Major projects, like the CSF renovation, the Lake Anne Dock redesign and the Pony Barn renovation are in progress.

Staff has moved into the CSF and work has started on the warehouse bathroom and offices. The project was delayed by a month due to roofing issues. Dredging at Lake Thoreau was also delayed by a month, but the project remains under budget.

The board will also receive an update on Hidden Creek Country Club, which was purchased by Wheelock late last year. The owner is currently in the midst of holding focus group sessions with community representatives about the future of the golf course.

Other items on the agenda include:

  • The appointment of Jason Beske to the Design Review Board
  • Approval for use of Lake Audubon for the 35th annual Reston Triathlon on September 8
  • Changes to the fee structure for disclosures of documents to potential purchases of properties
  • A report from the treasurer on finances

File photo via YouTube


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