Reston Association Board to Receive Update on Capital Projects

by RestonNow.com July 25, 2018 at 2:30 pm 11 Comments

During its meeting on Thursday, the Reston Association’s Board of Directors will dive into updates about capital projects for this year, including the renovation of the Central Services Facility.

Thus far, pedestrian pathway lighting projects, upgrades to the Lake Anne Dam and longterm planning are on hold. Major projects, like the CSF renovation, the Lake Anne Dock redesign and the Pony Barn renovation are in progress.

Staff has moved into the CSF and work has started on the warehouse bathroom and offices. The project was delayed by a month due to roofing issues. Dredging at Lake Thoreau was also delayed by a month, but the project remains under budget.

The board will also receive an update on Hidden Creek Country Club, which was purchased by Wheelock late last year. The owner is currently in the midst of holding focus group sessions with community representatives about the future of the golf course.

Other items on the agenda include:

  • The appointment of Jason Beske to the Design Review Board
  • Approval for use of Lake Audubon for the 35th annual Reston Triathlon on September 8
  • Changes to the fee structure for disclosures of documents to potential purchases of properties
  • A report from the treasurer on finances

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  • S. Jackson

    Isn’t pathway lighting a matter of public safety? Why is this being put on hold? This should be a priority. The Board can approve THOUSANDS to upgrade conference room media, but can’t send a few thousand dollars on much needed lighting to improve public safety. This Board(and the previous one) has lost its focus.

    • 30yearsinreston

      They spent the money on the Lake White Elephant

      • S. Jackson

        The money (over $40,000 and up to $100,000) spent on a media upgrade for a conference room that residents have to pay to use and is rarely used by members and I’m assuming staff, except for meetings is being spent after the Lake House. We can not go back and undo what was done when it comes to the Lake House, but we can choose to be responsible from here on out. The trails are greatly used by members and it attracts people to settling down here. To not light the paths are a safety hazard for the 90% of residents that use them. I’m not against the media upgrade and it may be well needed and a benefit, but to table something that will benefit the safety of ALL members citing cost is foolish to me. If money can be found for media upgrades and the Pony Barn, I’m sure we can find money to light our paths so members can feel safe while walking.

        It would of also helped last year when members houses that live off the paths were being broken into, because of the dark paths. Again, this is a safety issue and has nothing to do with the Lake House. We need to use that as a lesson learned and move forward being more responsible…….and tabling lighting is not responsible

        • 30yearsinreston

          Responsibility is not in RA’s lexicon
          This HOA is a trough for overpaid ‘executives’ who have no concept of member service
          Firing them and half the ‘management’would ensure sufficent funds are available for essential items like lighting paths
          Beside, the DRB have never allowed sufficent lighting in Reston and would kill it

        • Amy Sue

          The Lake House should be open to all members during regular hours. At the very least, have a JUNIOR person staff it a few hours on Saturday and/or Sunday so any Reston Association member who wants to visit or sit on the deck can do so. We paid for the damn thing…let us use it. Every time I walk by a look at the House that I pay for but can NEVER use without paying an added fee I get annoyed.

          • 30yearsinreston

            RA does not have any JUNIOR staff
            It is top heavy with Directors and managers who give presentations to themselves at useless meetings
            it depends on Volunteers and contractors

    • Greg

      One word: incandescent.

      See DRB design guidelines:

      The DRB believes that incandescent lights generally produce softer,
      less glaring light that is more suitable to residential environments.
      Other light sources (spiral fluorescent, for example) should be a
      style, color and wattage that is appropriate for the fixture’s design
      and desired light level.

    • Greg

      Also, if it’s not the lake house (have you seen its HVAC systems — would put any data center to shame), it’s the pony barn. If it’s not the barn, it’s the Taj Mahal RA HQ. If it’s not the Taj, it’s the maintenance facility. If it’s not the maintenance facility, it’s rebuilding rarely used pools (not used at all for at least 9 months of the year) and tennis courts that countless consultants have recommended be closed.

      It’s always something.

  • Greg

    Call them focus groups or charrettes or whatever. They are lipstick on the pig. Hidden Creek’s days as a country club are numbered; it will soon be redeveloped into high-end housing — which is exactly what Wheelock does.

    Best we can hope for is that RELAC get the water it needs in droughts, RELAC is abolished with the covenant that harms it during droughts, and that there is little or no “workforce” housing added.


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