Del. Ken Plum: Some Good News

by Del. Ken Plum July 26, 2018 at 10:15 am 11 Comments

Del. Ken Plum/File photoThis is an opinion column by Del. Ken Plum (D), who represents Reston in Virginia’s House of Delegates. It does not reflect the opinion of Reston Now.

This past week was horrible for our country! How much longer can we sustain the decline of our liberties and way of governing? I feel a sense of despair.

But, at the same time, good things are happening. I am going to focus on them in this column but with the assurance to you that I am not giving up on helping to turn our country around.

I shook hands with Bryce Harper last week! My grandson assures me that is a very big deal. Harper was in our community for the dedication of the Bryce Harper Sports Complex at the Fred Crabtree Park by Crossfield Elementary School. I know that the late Fred Crabtree who was a friend of mine would have been elated as he spent his life working to ensure that children have a place to play ball. I was impressed with Harper’s message to the young people who were there to be the best they can be whether it is playing baseball, soccer, piano or dancing. Harper went on that evening to win the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby.

Two weeks ago, my two sons who are now in their fifties (!) invited me to go with them to visit the area near Shenandoah, Virginia, where I grew up and that they remember visiting as young children. Nothing stays the same. The home that my Mom and Dad kept immaculate with the grass mowed and a garden full of vegetables is now a shambles for lack of maintenance and the accumulation of junk. Regardless, we had a good time sharing stories about their grandparents and their growing up.

President Obama gave a speech last week in South Africa, and it was marvelous! His understanding of the broad course of history, appreciation of human struggles and their outcomes, and his dedication to our institutions and moral values continue to give me a sense of hope. I have listened to his speech twice so far and will no doubt listen to it more times in the future. It is available online through several sources.

Special Olympics celebrated its 50th anniversary. How inspiring to hear the story of its founding, its amazing success, and the tireless effort of so many volunteers who make possible the activities for some of the most challenged among us. Thanks to all who are so unselfishly a part of such a wonderful program to help others.

Herndon-Reston Indivisibles, who organized soon after the last election, went to Lafayette Park at least three evenings in a row in addition to many other vigils and marches to publicly express their displeasure at the policies of the current administration and the need for citizens to stand up to the damage being done. They are inspiring to me and will ultimately be an important part of getting our country back on track.

I have to remind myself of all that is going on in our families and our communities that is really good and that demands protecting. After this inspiring break to remember the good things I need now to get back to work saving our governmental institutions and moral values! Thanks to all who provide the good news and the inspiration.

  • 30yearsinreston

    The only good news would be that Ken is retiring
    His doom and gloom diatribes are boring

  • Mike M

    Why does Reston Now suppress my responses to Ken? I broke none of the rules. Why protect Ken from his constituents?

    • James

      Probably because you don’t bring anything of value to any conversation.

      • Mike M

        Is that how the editors make the decision to suppress. Or is it because they don’t see any value in the ideas of people who disagree with them?
        How might they define “value?” I suspect you are an ideological wuss, James.

        • Chkitout1

          Democrat liberals are very tolerant people, as long as you agree with them.

    • Reston No

      Easier for em to delete comments instead of debating. Especially when they reflect and realize they’re trying to argue a losing position.

    • John Higgins

      At least enjoy the irony, Mike. Censoring contrary opinions (perhaps strongly stated) about an article that leads with rue about “decline of our liberties” is priceless.

    • pja

      Actually I think it’s Ken’s constituents who need protecting from him.

  • pja

    Yeah, Obama’s dedication to our country’s “moral values” included doing his best to ensure that babies born alive despite an intended abortion were left to die. And making the Little Sisters of the Poor buy contraception. And thanks to the ACA my small business absorbs double digit increases in health care premiums every year. Has Ken ever made a payroll or paid for his own health insurance? Doubt it.

  • pja

    Wonder if Ken has any guesses as to why the house “Mom and Dad kept immaculate with the grass mowed and a garden full of vegetables is now a shambles for lack of maintenance and the accumulation of junk”.

  • TheRealMikeSapupello

    Is the good news that Plum is retiring to a far away location and never coming back??


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