Breaking: Four Men Arrested After High Speed Chase

by Fatimah Waseem November 8, 2018 at 11:40 am 32 Comments

Four men were arrested after a high-speed police pursuit Wednesday night near the intersection of Sunrise Valley Drive and Fairfax County Parkway.

A police officer attempted to stop a car stopped on the 2000 block of Cocquina Drive when he noticed a traffic violation, according to the Fairfax County Police Department. The driver, Douglas Arriola Acosta, 38, of Centreville, sped off in the car.

He was arrested after a police pursuit a short while later. The passengers, Ronald Medina Aguilar, 38, of Herndon, Jose Timeuz, 25, of Reston, and William Guillen Melendez, 29, of Reston, were charged with being drunk in public.

Acosta was treated at Reston Hospital Center for a K-9 bite and charged with speed to elude, driving while intoxicated, and driving on a revoked license.

Photos via FCPD

  • thanks F.W.

    excellent and courageous reporting. welldone, especially liked the piece about the k9 jaw action. keep going!

  • PGG

    I like the fact that they know what’s going to happen tonight being that tonight is Thursday night.

    • Amy Sue

      Misspellings, inaccuracies. Standard for Reston NOw.

      • OneReally

        Wht elf do yiu exepect….

  • 30yearsinreston

    The dogs should be reported for racism

    • tom mccauley

      Yes. Correct. The police dogs may be trained to focus on certain ethnic minorities. A Russian Wolf hound could be skewed towards Eastern Europeans. The Chihuahua is well known for being the Piranha of the streets.

  • Carlos Majano Meras

    Charged with being drunk in public? Wtf is that? Are you serious? Go charge all them drunk ppl seating at the Reston town center drinking beer during the Happy Hour in public while there are kids walking around. Racism is critical in VA now.

    • Amy Sue

      Uh….the first guy was driving while drinking. Definitely should be arrested. As for the other guys, there may be more to the story (this is Reston Now, afterall). Or maybe not.

      • John

        They must have been giving the cops trouble even after the chase was over.

    • Greg

      And, dear reader, Reston Town Center is private property.

      • Barbara Goddard

        Indeed it is

      • John

        I don’t believe that is right. Those are state maintained roads. Only the buildings themselves are private property. The sidewalks and streets are state or county property.

        • Reston1

          The 4 roads that surround RTC are State maintained. Library, Explorer, etc… all private. If you park on one, you will find out real fast.

          • John

            All this time I’ve been extra careful about fully stopping at stop signs around RTC when the cops are around, for no reason.

            Dang. I wonder how many people have paid traffic tickets they were wrongly issued on private property and not a state road.

    • John

      Herndon cops once walked into Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern and started arresting people they thought were “too drunk.”

      It wasn’t based on any complaints, which would maybe be reasonable. I mean, if the manager or bartender calls for an unruly customer, of course they should lure the person outside and then immediately arrest them for now being in public. But they did it to people who were just quietly drinking in the bar.

      • Greg

        That would be an interesting case for the Supremes to consider.

        Maybe the “cops” were off duty? Hired guns? Asked by the proprietor for eject trespassers?

        • John

          According to the Fairfax County police, between Dec. 8 and Jan. 3, they sent plain-clothes officers into Herndon- and Reston-area bars and restaurants, in response to “a series of escalating violent incidents” to enforce the state’s Alcohol Beverages Control (ABC) laws. In a couple of cases, uniformed police entered the establishments, and reportedly based on information provided by the undercover officers, asked patrons to undergo sobriety tests. A total of 12 arrests were made in or near three establishments: Jimmy’s, Champps Americana in Reston and Ned Devine’s, located in the unincorporated portion of Herndon. Nine of the arrests where for drunk in public. Under state law, any establishment open to the public is deemed a public place, in effect, making being intoxicated at a bar illegal. The law also specifies a blood-alcohol level of .08 as drunk in the case of driving, however, there is no such provision for drunk in public. Instead, it is a judgment call made by the officer based on behavior.

          • Greg
          • John

            Yeah, this incident was in 2003.

            If I remember correctly, it was fairly unanimous that the cops were way overstepping their boundaries when they did this. I believe even the pretext of “escalating violent incidents” was debunked.

            I believe it was based on a kind of escalating one-sided grudge between the cops who patrolled around those bars and “those unruly drunks” who made a lot of noise at closing time. The cops went too far trying to make a point.

            Now they put better trained cops in places like RTC and other places where they might encounter drinking and “rowdy” young people. Less uptight ones, basically.

          • Greg

            Also, since your source apparently indicates that drunk in public is undefined in statutory, administrative, and case law, it may be ripe for judicial review?

        • John


          I posted the link to the below story here because sometimes they delete comments with links.

  • Pesos

    I understand the driver but the others getting arrested seems weird, even in a high speed chase.

    • John

      Until they got out of the car they weren’t really “drunk in public” but most of the time the cops will charge people with DIP if they really want to arrest them for whatever reason.

      They may have been extremely uncooperative even after the police had them detained after the chase.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Como se dice en espanol, “Was it worth it?”

    • wtrcarcamo

      valio la pena?

      • Chuck Morningwood

        Enjoy it while you can, WTRCARCAMO, Pretty soon your post will be coming down as well.

        • John

          lolwut? You have the inside scoop on when Trump is going to declare martial law or something?

          oh wait, if you’re a Trumper, I meant Marshall Law.

          Edit: oh, you meant removed by RestonNOW. My bad. lol.

  • Mike M

    D1verse enough?

    • Racism Watchdog

      Bark Bark Bark

  • kiki

    Bet some are not citizens.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Apparently RestonNow doesn’t like posts in any other language besides English, even when the post is nothing more than “How do you say in , “…….”

    Fair enough, I suppose. English is and should be our first language.

    • John

      The beauty of a free country is that there is no first language. You are free to speak whatever language you like.


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