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Vigil Sunday Night Honors South Lakes HS Teen Killed in Hit-and-Run

by Catherine Douglas Moran January 2, 2019 at 11:30 am 18 Comments

Family and friends gathered on Sunday evening at the spot where 16-year-old Marvin Daniel Cruz Serrano was killed Saturday.

They placed a white wooden cross with “Daniel” near the intersection where the South Lakes High School sophomore was struck by a vehicle while returning home from work at Reston’s Cafesano, WJLA reported.

The memorial continues to grow with several bouquets of flowers and a stuffed animal for the teen who friends called “kind and selfless.” Serrano leaves behind his mother and a 2-year-old brother.

In a message sent to the school community Monday evening, Principal Kim Retzer said funeral arrangements are still being planned.

Fairfax County Police are still looking for the driver, who fled the scene. Detectives believe the sedan involved “may possibly be gray or silver, and it likely has significant front end damage.”

“At about 5:40, officers responded to the report of a pedestrian hit-and-run crash on South Lakes Drive and Castle Rock Square in Reston,” police said in a press release. “The teen was attempting to cross South Lakes Drive… when he was hit by a vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene.”

The fatal hit-and-run was the 44th road death in Fairfax County in 2018 — the most for any county in Virginia last year, according to DCist.

Police are asking anyone with information about the fatal hit-and-run to contact the Crash Reconstruction Unit witness phone line at 703-280-0543 or to submit a tip anonymously through Crime Solvers.

Photo via Madison Grace Shannon/Facebook

  • 30yearsinreston

    Its gotten beyond memorials and vigils to those killed or maimed because of inadequate street lighting that the County is responsible for providing

    Hudgins has been stonewalling improved lighting for over 15 years

    If she cant address public safety, she is not fit for office and must be replaced

    • Tom Mccauley

      What a devastating loss for this boy’s family.

      Agree. The lighting is a huge issue which will only become more significant as Reston’s population grows.

      It is dangerous to have inadequate lighting, both for the streets and some shopping areas, like Hunter’s Woods Plaza.

    • Richard

      You have no idea what caused this accident. You’re despicable for using this death to advance your own pet peeve. The cause was probably a drunk driver, considering the fact that he/she left the scene.

      • Greg

        While it’s a devastating loss for the boy’s family and friends, had the streetlights that the county approved in 2004 been installed, maybe he would still be alive today.

        Why have the streetlights not been installed? Certainly it can’t be for lack of money in one of the wealthiest counties in the US.

      • TRS

        Richard, tone it down. Just because you don’t agree that lack of street lighting could have caused this young man’s death, doesn’t make someone despicable. Sheesh.

        • Mike M


          • TRS


      • Why do you bother?

        Just noting: Your supposition is no different from the one you’re vilifying. NONE OF US knows yet what caused this.

      • Tom Mccauley

        It is an opinion, “Richard”. Go hate with your attitude elsewhere

      • john b

        I bet your friends call you Dick. In fact, I bet everyone who knows you does.

      • OneReally

        Right! It has to be your theory. No one else knows better than you.

      • 101

        I lost my brother 8 years ago to the same situation and it was because this area is very dark .

      • L

        I agree. I was a friend of Daniel’s and it’s hard to see people using this as an argument for politics, and saying that he might still be alive otherwise. Some people can be inconsiderate. I’m also surprised that everyone seemed to be upset with a comment saying it’s wrong, more than comments talking about politics when a 16 year old boy dies.

    • mdicarlo

      Why is it that we have no street lights here? I’m from Europe and our roads have street lights, sidewalks, cross overs etc. Fairfax county is one of the most affluent counties in the nation, same with the Reston Association. Why???

      • Greg

        Two main reasons:

        1. Bob Simon hated streetlights and favored individual dwelling lights.
        2. Most streetlights in Fairfax County (but for major highways) are the county’s. Hudgins heavily influences what and where streetlights are installed. She, too, hates them since they take money away from her “projects.”

        Yet another of Simon’s failed ideals and yet another reason why Hudgins fails her constituents.

        Mind boggling as it is, the RA’s DRB favors obsolete and wasteful incandescent lighting (see the dim and often burned-out lights at Lake Anne for an example).

        Also, a Reston “demonstration” streetlight effort was arranged by Bob Dix and Martha Pennino in the late 1980’s along Wiehle Avenue and expanded when Reston Parkway was widened south of the toll road.

        You may notice that most of Reston’s streetlight poles and most of the traffic-signals are painted Reston brown. Another part of the “demonstration” that continues to this day — demonstration nothing more than that brown paint fades, peels, chips, and is not maintained. Some of the lights were never installed (see Reston Parkway and Sunset Hills for an example of empty street light mounting poles) and are not replaced when they fail.

        The rest of the county’s street lights are on concrete poles.Traffic signals are either mounted on mill-finish poles or strung along wires between mounting poles. (Interestingly, the latter configurations are slowly being replaced as a person was killed by one falling into the car).

        Why we are still in a demonstration after 30 years of is unclear (and we’ve asked Hudgins many times to respond) since the only thing demonstrated is failure with light fixtures and light bulbs that are neither reliable nor bright.


        • mdicarlo

          Thanks so much for your reply Greg. I can see a lot of bureaucracy and favoritism going on here, at the cost of people’s lives. I thought Bob was inspired by European cities, I guess that didn’t include our street lights. When we create a city, neighborhoods, and streets in the Netherlands, this ALWAYS includes, sidewalks, bike lanes, crossings, street lights, traffic lights. Studying street lights??? WTF? It’s so immature, grow up! Talking about waisting money. A quick trip across the pond can enlighten these people who are obviously in the dark (puns intended). Oh, in case they need an expert in designing streets and street lights, I happen to know one.

  • jaxson green

    Daniel was my elementary school friend, it hurts to see this. Rest in peace.

  • john b

    Does anyone know if a GoFundMe page has been opened for the family? The victim was a classmate of my daughter’s at SLHS. It’s a heartbreaking story.


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