Four Businesses Left Woodland Park Crossing in Herndon Last Year

by Catherine Douglas Moran January 9, 2019 at 2:45 pm 15 Comments

Updated at 9:45 a.m. — Includes information from Starbucks and Virginia ABC.

Four businesses closed up shop in Woodland Park Crossing in Herndon last year, adding to its list of retail vacancies.

The mixed-use development, which includes a Harris Teeter and UFC Gym, currently has nine vacant retail spaces, according to a list from Rosenthal Properties.

Marion Myers, a spokeswoman for Rosenthal Properties, told Reston Now that some of the closures were not surprising. “It’s normal in the retail cycle when leases come up for renewal for there to be churn,” she said.

While the development saw several closures in 2018, it has upgrades in store for this year.

“We are working to improve the customer experience at Woodland Park Crossing,” according to Rosenthal Properties, adding that upgrades include LED lighting along with more parking and a new green space that will get added in the first quarter of 2019.

The Starbucks closed last year at 2309 Woodland Crossing Drive, which Myers said was a part of Starbucks’ larger plan to shutter 150 stores in fiscal year 2019.

A spokeswoman for Starbucks told Reston Now that the Woodland Park Crossing location, which closed on Nov. 30, was “special to our customers and our partners.” Now, those customers can go to the nearby store at 2465 Centreville Road, and the partners have been relocated to other nearby stores, she wrote in an email.

“As part of Starbucks standard course of business, we continually evaluate our business to ensure a healthy store portfolio,” the spokeswoman said. “After careful consideration, we determined it was best to close the store at [Woodland Crossing Drive].” She added that Starbucks expects to grow its store numbers by 3 to 4 percent in the U.S. at a rate of 550 new stores per year.

Cleaners located at 2310 Woodland Crossing Drive, Suite 1 closed at some point last summer, according to employees at businesses near the former cleaners.

Next Day Blinds at (2976 Highland Crossing Drive, Suite A) closed its doors on Nov. 21 and now services Herndon customers out of the Sterling, Va. location, according to its website.

“We are still here for you, for life. We look forward to seeing you in Sterling,” the website says.

The Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority relocated its store at 12950 Highland Crossing Drive, Suite B to the Village Center at Dulles (2435 Centreville Road) on Aug. 22, Dawn Eischen, a spokeswoman for the Virginia ABC Authority, told Reston Now. “We chose the new location because of potential profitability and better parking,” she wrote in an email.


Next to the parking lot, an existing building that used to house a Capital One bank branch that closed in 2016 is currently getting torn down, Myers said. The demolition started last fall and is slated to wrap up this quarter, she said.

Between 1,135-square-foot to 6,512-sqaure-foot retail spaces are cuurently available for lease, along with 2,589-square-foot and 4,641-square-foot office/retail spaces.

“We are currently looking for the right mix of retail and restaurants and feel it’s worth being strategic, even if it takes some time,” according to the commercial real estate company. “There are new leases in the pipeline, but they cannot be discussed until finalized.”

Image and map via Rosenthal Properties

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  • Greg

    More parking? There’s an enormous, mostly unused, covered parking garage under the entire property.

    There’s (or was) additional parking decks atop the Harris Teeter. What happened to those spaces?

    Better signage to that vast parking area might help.

    And, please fix (or replace) the fountain / water feature.

    • OneReally

      Yes. Rush hour and rainy days. I drove past the entrance (near Moes) and into the underground garage.

      People get into a pL$$ing match over a parking spot. There is always parking underneath.

      • Mike M

        Always parking underneath. I don’t even look at the storefront level which is indeed always a zoo !

    • ah

      I feel like everybody forgets about the garage. I used the small one under Pei Wei two park for my dentists appointments but thats it. The large garage is a bit creepy.

      • Greg

        The larger garage needs to be cleaned more frequently, have the drain and leak issues fixed, and brightened with better signs as to how to get into and out of it both on foot and in one’s vehicle.

        Maybe that’s what they mean by LED lighting upgrades as the outdoor parking lots already have LED lights.

        What’s where once one is in the garage is poorly marked.

        The landscaping and water feature have been neglected, so maybe new green space will help.

        It’s a very poorly designed structure and streetscape. Perhaps topographical, but the land is not that hilly that it could not have been better designed and executed.

        Most of the garage is at ground level with too few, awkward to navigate, and hidden entrances and exits. The structures were all built atop it and have poor street visibility because of their height and setbacks. That hinders access from the main streets and makes most of the retail inward facing.

        While eliminating the bank building may create more outdoor parking, it reduces available retail space, and I don’t think that will be regarded as a wise decision once the neighboring parcels are fully built out and if the silver line ever delivers the density and foot traffic it promised.

        Too bad the developers didn’t learn from Reston’s inward-facing “village center” and the Worldgate parking garage mistakes.

    • Wheels

      So they are demolishing the CapitalOne bank and putting parking in there. It seems silly because of all the spaces in the garage, as others have mentioned here.
      It’s also silly because the plot to the north with have 700+ new residential units. These new neighbors a block away should be able to support more retail and not need the parking (or as much parking per visitor).

  • BigTee

    I avoid this shopping center because the parking is such a mess

    • ah

      TONS of garage parking.

  • vdiv

    Went there for Biryani Pointe, Kumo Sushi, the absolutely atrocious Moby Dick kabob, one happy hour at PJs, and of course the Starbucks. That Starbucks and frankly the whole shopping center is most contorted space gymnastics exercised in our neck of the woods so far. Forget parking, walking there is a challenge!

  • Malcol6

    Several great businesses at Woodlands, including a great dentist, Dr. Geetika Tahim / Smiles by Design. Have to smile at the negatives — parking in the underground garages are convenient, especially the larger one in inclement weather.

    • 30yearsinreston

      Agreed, but no one knows its there !
      The signage is awful

  • Brad

    Suppose one way to reduce the vacancy rate is to tear down a perfectly good building… Understand removing the bank’s drive thru portion. However, the rest of the structure could be utilized or converted to something else if Rosenthal was capable of attracting and retaining tenants. As many have mentioned, there is always ample parking in the garage below so the demolition seems unnecessary.

    As far as “normal churn”, so many vacancies in such a short amount of time points to glaring issues with the landlord and the unreasonable rent increases.

    Blaming Starbucks’ plan to close 150 stores nationwide is a convenient excuse. There are over 14,000 locations in the U.S. so the closures represent only 1% of stores. And the closure was not for a lack of customers, I’m sure. I frequented the location often and it was always busy. Furthermore, it was just renovated last year so they did not have plans to leave until they could not successfully renew their lease. In fact, I was told by a Starbucks employee that it was closing because of “issues with the landlord”.

    And for that fountain out front that Greg suggested that they fix… They recently tore it out because they couldn’t even hold water as a tenant.

    • Reston Now

      Hello Brad, Starbucks just responded and I have updated the story with their information.

      • Walter Hadlock

        The Starbucks reply is a classic of corporate speak. When I read the update from Starbucks, I wondered who were the partners? Were there local investors supporting the location? It finally sank in the “partners” were/are the employees!! A busy store, recently remodeled (according to one commenter) and it’s closed? I’m quite sure the mentioned, nearby location is very out of the way for the local population. And, that doesn’t count more “locals” once the nearby building is finished.

  • Mike M

    I am not an expert. But I think there are major construction flaws at Woodland Park. They are going to demolish a major part of it built not so long ago. So, developers are really stupid as I have always maintained. More evidence. But their underground parking lot has a perpetual water leak across from what was Starbucks. An electrical outlet is completely corroded and the water drips 24-7-365. No maintenance. This indicates the whole place is in trouble. After demolition, I wonder if the place is safe down below. Crummy construction.


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