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Hunter Mill School Board Rep Won’t Seek Reelection

by Catherine Douglas Moran January 9, 2019 at 4:45 pm 8 Comments

Hunter Mill District Representative Pat Hynes announced today (Jan. 9) that she won’t seek reelection to the Fairfax County School Board.

Hynes has been a member of the 12-member board for the last seven years. Previously, she was an elementary school teacher in the county’s public schools from 2002 to 2011 and has worked as a lawyer with Simpson, Thacher and Bartlett in New York City and community organizer, according to her bio.

The announcement arrived in her newsletter. In one section, she wrote:

As you may know, my current term as your school board member expires at the end of 2019. It has been the privilege of a lifetime to represent the welcoming, resilient, creative people of Hunter Mill for the last seven years. But I’ve decided not to seek reelection after this term. My first calling is the classroom and I’ve been teaching full time in Arlington these last two years. (The law does not allow me to serve on the board and teach in FCPS at the same time.) I was hopeful that I might be able to balance the time commitments of both jobs, but it really is not reasonable and I find myself stretched too thin too often. I look forward to the next year of work and progress on your behalf, but I also think it’s time for someone else to step up. I’m sure we will all be engaged in the November election and I have no doubt Hunter Mill will choose an excellent new school board member.

Her term expires at the end of 2019.

Until then, she outlined in her newsletter several school board issues on her radar, including climate change and equity.

With Virginia’s General Assembly starting today, Hynes said “we are fortunate here in Hunter Mill to have state representatives who fight for public education and other critical needs of families and communities.”

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  • Mike M

    Her words ought to make even a Reston Democrat blush.

    “[F]ight for public education and other critical needs of families and communities.” Then her newsletter cites CLIMATE CHANGE and equity as important to the schools role. OMG!

    • LaureenMT

      Pat’s commitment to students is unsurpassed, as demonstrated by her return to classroom teaching.

      • Mike M

        Climate change? School board? Indoctrination? Define “equity.”

        • John Higgins

          Mike, we can only speculate why the article chose to highlight as it did parts of Ms. Hynes’ newsletter. I, too, found it odd to read that “climate change” and “equity” were centerpieces of a school board agenda. When I went to the linked full text I found that Ms. Hynes is interested in legislation that would facilitate use of alternative energy sources in schools. The “equity” issue relates to programs to improve access to advanced courses for students who have entered the system with less than native English skills. We need a lot more detail to know if she is on the right track, but it satisfied me that these are legitimate school board issues.

          • Greg

            Why do the schools need legislation to use alternative energy sources? What might those alternatives be? Do they cost more?

            What’s of concern with the current energy sources?

            It’s always more cost effective to turn lights off and the HVAC down when no one is around. Is there a need for legislation for such common-sense, cost-free ways within the school system?

            Or, to use one transit system for all those who need a ride to school? We currently have at least five separate public transit systems operating within the county. Why do we need so many?

            And so many that burn diesel fuel while belching out black smoke?

          • Mike M

            Thanks. But I’ll pass on improving access to advanced courses for students who have entered the system with less than native English skills. English language skills are important and many European scientists and other advanced degree people manage to learn it and they aren’t immersed in it daily. There is a zero sum game with those who are qualified and CAN speak the global language.

      • 100yearsinReston

        Ignore Mike. He is a shill.

  • cosmo

    Take the word “School” out of that headline and now we’re talking…


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