Brand Strategy Company Pitches New ‘Brand Strategy’ for Reston Association

The Brand Consultancy, a DC-based brand strategy company, is encouraging the Reston Association to change its brand strategy to emphasize its amenities and “proven innovation.”

At a meeting on Wednesday, the company, which was contracted by RA to complete a stakeholder survey and shape its brand and strategy, presented the findings of its report.

Overall, an online survey found that 55 percent of respondents had an excellent opinion of RA. The survey was distributed online and used a non-random sample of 1,600 respondents.

Some members questioned the validity of the survey findings and the statistical significance of the survey, which was distributed online and is based on a non-random sample. More than 48 percent of the respondents have household incomes of more than $100,000.

Diane Beecher, The Brand Consultancy’s CEO and senior strategist, said the company is “very confident” that the results of the survey were “statistically reliable.”

Overall, survey respondents reported high levels of satisfaction (Upwards of 89 percent) with paved hiking trails, pathways, garden plots, and community space maintenance. Covenants, standards, and summer camp programs received the lowest levels of satisfaction from respondents.

Reston Association should capitalize on its strengths of providing high-quality amenities and creating a better place to live, according to Beecher. The organization should consider mitigating its primary weakness of community care and the preservation of design and value, according to the consultants.

The company pitched the following brand story:

Proven innovation. We bring it home.

Always grounded in purposes so we can elevate every experience.

Both forward-looking and value adding, we believe that if anything proves the power of our tomorrow, it’s what we’re doing today.

Because today, we’re aligning every service and amenity with every need and want.

Today, we’re increasing the value of homes and properties — and of visitor and member satisfaction. And today, we’re keeping your best interests at heart so that tomorrow we’re even more state-of-the-art.

So here’s to being the association where what we could do becomes what we did. The association that continuously creates better amenities, services and ways of living. And the association that’s always at the forefront of our future, powering a potential that’s exponential.

The company also suggested pushing out key messages like “our services and amenities are well priced” and “we provide high-quality services and amenities.”

The brand pillars of preservation drivers, community inspired and value-focused were also pitched by the company based on values derived from an analysis of survey results and qualitative interviews.

Reston Association’s next steps include operationalizing the organization’s strategic roadmap, refining its customer experience, and launching a newly-defined brand to members and those who live, work and play in Reston.

A spokesperson for RA did not disclose the cost of the contract with The Brand Consultancy.

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