Local IT Experts Give Their Time to Mentor Youth in Reston

By: CapTech

January 6, 2016

CapTecher mentors teens at Reston Computer ClubhouseRESTON, VA – January 6, 2016 – Consultants in the Reston office of CapTech have made a year-long commitment to the Reston Computer Clubhouse to provide mentoring and education around information technology and business processes. The Reston Computer Clubhouse has a mission of providing a creative and safe learning environment for local youth after school. Their goal is to build confidence through the use of technology. The Clubhouse provides technology and computer resources for teens that may not have access otherwise, as well as an environment of mentoring and leadership.

Thirteen consultants from CapTech are volunteering with a vision of helping teens learn about building a business as well as a mobile application. “Our goal was to align our classes with the interests of the students,” said Lily Lin from CapTech. “My parents were immigrants who arrived to the US without a penny to their name, so I find the Clubhouse, which focuses on low to moderate income communities, to be relatable on a personal level. All of the CapTech volunteers provide insights into the world of business, IT, and consulting that these kids may not otherwise have.”

Students are learning the different skills of a business analyst and consultant including defining project scope, requirements gathering, analytics and product lifecycles. “I am always impressed with the bright ideas and unique insights the kids contribute to our sessions,” said CapTech consultant Andreea Linte. “Many people don’t hear about IT consulting until college, so it’s exciting that we have the opportunity to introduce middle school aged kids to it.”

Located at the Reston Teen Center next to Reston Town Center, the Clubhouse provides more than just computer access to area middle school and high school youth. They have a sound room for creating and recording music and video and a program that combines basketball and technology. Additionally they provide tools for future success like help with job applications, public speaking and professional behavior. “The impact of CapTech has been huge,” said Ali Samey, the Manager of the Clubhouse. “The activities of building a company, marketing, and learning about consulting has been great exposure for the kids. They are using their minds in creative ways. I hope it will continue to improve getting more teens interested in our program.”

Students, parents and volunteers interested in getting involved with the Reston Computer Clubhouse can call 703-375-7020 or email ali.samey (at) fairfaxcounty.gov. “The more the community is involved with the Clubhouse, the better it is for the students,” said Samey.

About CapTech: CapTech is a national management consulting firm that bridges the gap between business and technology. CapTech delivers transformation, customer engagement, data & analytics and custom IT solutions for private companies, public companies and government agencies. The company’s collaborative approach helps organizations grow their business, engage with customers and turn information into powerful data assets.


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