Outdoors walks are still considered an acceptable activity, so long as social distancing is kept in check. County officials are encouraging Reston residents to take this time to give them information about the Spotted Lanternfly, a leafhopper from East Asia.

The Fairfax County Urban Foresty Management Division is asking Reston residents to take pictures of the insect and any eggs that it leaves behind. Although it’s unclear how the lanternfly impacts our forests, the insect is invasive and uses 70 plant species as its host.

This month, the insect is busy laying eggs. The bug is known to feed on grapes and stone fruit trees and it loves to hang out on landscaping stones, rusty metal surfaces, outdoor vehicles, tree bark and pallets.

Residents who spoke the insect should report sightings to the county by calling 703-324-1170 (ext. 711) or by emailing [email protected].

Photo via Wikimedia Commons


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