Reston Town Center street

Here is a status update from Fairfax County about  development projects in the approval process for Reston.

Oakcrest School — The private school has filed a special exception plat and development conditions for a traffic signal at Crowell Road and Hunter Mill Road. The Fairfax County Planning Commission voted in July to recommend approval for the project. Board of Supervisors hearing: Jan. 28.

JBG Reston Retail — Has filed a proposed development plan amendment, proffer conditions and and a planned residential community plan for a bank at 11810 Sunrise Valley Drive. Board of Supervisors hearing:  Jan. 9.

JBG/Reston Executive Center — Has filed a special exception to allow for 65,000 square feet of development to include retail, fast food and other restaurants at 12000-12120 Sunset Hills Rd. JBG is asking  to convert 27,850 square feet of office space and build an additional 37,150 square feet onto existing office space. Planning Commission hearing: Feb. 19.

Reston Comprehensive Plan Amendment — The County Planning Commission finally has the Comprehensive Plan Amendment to guide the future of Reston development around the three Metro stations. Public hearing was held Nov. 14. Planning Commission will decide whether or not to recommend to supervisors on Dec. 5.

T-Mobile and Milestone Communications — Have filed an application for a wireless communications facility (cell phone tower) at Crossfield Elementary School.  The proposal is for a 130-foot tall pole to be disguised as a tree. These poles exist at several area schools, including South Lakes High School. The equipment needs to operate the tower would be behind a locked, fenced-in area and be camouflaged with trees. Planning Commission hearing: Postponed.

Block 4 LLC and Reston Town Center Property (Boston Properties) — Have filed a development plan amendment, proffered conditions, and a PRC plan to develop what currently is the surface parking lot at Reston Town Center. The lot would be mixed-use development. Planning Commission hearing: April 24.

Reston Hospital Center — Has filed a comprehensive sign amendment. Planning Commission hearing: Feb. 6.


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