Lakeside Pharmacy Owner to Sell Space, Close at Lake Anne Plaza

by Karen Goff January 27, 2014 at 10:45 am 1,801 11 Comments

Lakeside Pharmacy/File photoLakeside Pharmacy, the last original business at historic Lake Anne Plaza, is under contract to sell. If the deal closes, the business will likely close this spring, a real estate source said.

The old-fashioned pharmacy that features a lunch counter and a post office has been on and off the market for more than five years. The buyers are investors who plan to lease the space to a retail tenant. It is unlikely it would return as an independent pharmacy because there are very few of those still in business.

Lakeside Pharmacy has been owned by Larry Cohn for more than 40 years. It is a place to get a prescription filled, but also a place to pick up various sundries — some of which shoppers cannot find at a chain store such as Target or CVS.

“I’ve always wanted it to stay like this,” Cohn said in a 2010 interview. “It’s not going to happen today.”

The pharmacy has housed a number of food service operations over the last several years. It is currently Cafe Lakeside, which serves lunch counter favorites such as ice cream and burgers.

The asking price started at close to $1 million five years ago, then was dropped to $695,000 and eventually was taken off the market. It was not currently for sale when the current offer was made, the real estate source said. The sales price will not be known until the deal closes.

The waterfront space that houses Lakeside Pharmacy is not slated for redevelopment as part of Lake Anne Development Partners’ (Republic Development) plan for the area.

Because the pharmacy is in the historic part of Lake Anne, it cannot undergo big changes. Nearby areas such as the current parking lot at Lake Anne Plaza, a grove of trees owned by Reston Association and Crescent Apartments are included in the plan, which includes 60,000 square feet of new retail space, up to 82,500 square feet of office space, and 1,037 residential units.

  • Laura Ramon

    Wow- this is big.

  • Charlotte Geary

    I’m sorry to hear it.

  • Mykle Lyons

    Beyond sad.

  • Karen Snyder Richardson

    I agree this is beyond sad. This business was part of my childhood in Reston. My dad still goes there!! One independent pharmacy that is doing well in the area is Leesburg Pharmacy. It is one of the few compounding pharmacies and it also carries many products for the elderly and handicapped. I don’t know if it’s too late but I wonder IF Leesburg Pharmacy would like to open up a Reston presence! I would really hate to see the use of this place change. Even the architectural detail on the outside of the building reflects its use!

  • Evan MacKenzie

    Very sad, but even Larry would probably say it was inevitable. I think it’s an understatement to say that Lake Anne won’t be the same without you, Larry.

  • Nils

    I guess this has been a long time coming, but it’s still a bummer. It has the only walkable post office in all of Reston, to my knowledge.

  • Bethany Bray Clark

    I’m so sad hear of the possible closing of Lakeside Pharmacy. But
    without Larry Cohn it wouldn’t be the same. Wishing Larry for a joy
    filled retirement!

    <> My first job was at the lunch counter!

  • Bill Mackenzie

    I lived in the Lake Anne area of Reston with my wife and son from 1973-1984. We fell in love with this great new small town, the beautifully designed Lake Anne and and the welcoming plaza. A big part of that was Larry Cohn. He was an institution. Every time I went in to his pharmacy, including nearly every Sunday morning when my son, Evan, and I would walk down to the counter for breakfast, he greeted me by name. I was astonished when I visited Reston 14 years after moving to the West Coast, walked into the pharmacy and Larry immediately greeted me with, “Hey, Bill”. Good luck to you, Larry, and enjoy every minute of your retirement. You’ve earned it.

  • John Holloway

    Well, what can I say. I have known Larry all my life. My memories are long lasting and too many to count. I guess you can’t stop growth. Hoping that Larry can find good health and happiness in his retirement. Oh how I wish for thoes “good ole days”

  • John Smith

    Best of luck, Larry! Wonderful businesses such as yours are irreplaceable, but you’ve done more than your fair share to make Reston the great place it is. Enjoy your retirement!

  • jim

    They dont make them like they used to. The world has lost a bit of its luster with the closing. Good luck Larry, you deserve it.


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