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Church Seeks To Purchase Reston Association Common Area Land

by Karen Goff February 11, 2014 at 3:30 pm 6 Comments

Location of RA-owned land that local church is interested in purchasing.

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter- Day Saints has approached Reston Association about purchasing three parcels of land on which to build a new church.

The land — at 2639, 2641 and 2643 Fox Mill Rd. — is undeveloped , wooded common area owned by RA since the late 1960s and mid 1970s.

The RA deed states that the Board of Directors can  “ … dedicate, convey, abandon, encumber, partition, or mortgage Common Area, subject to the prior approval of the Board of Directors and more than a two-thirds vote, pursuant to the provisions of Deed Section III.4, of Category A and B Members in a referendum in which at least thirty percent of such Members participate.”

RA President Ken Knueven and CEO Cate Fulkerson were  approached by a real estate broker representing the church several months ago.

“The Church has a current location at the intersection of Fairfax County Parkway and Lake Newport Road, But has outgrown the size of this building and needs an additional location,” the letter reads. “After combing through all the areas available …  I have come across three lots on the north side of Fox Mill Road which according to Fairfax County Tax Records are owned by Reston Association. There is one other parcel immediately to the north west, 2637 Fox Mill Road, Reston, Lot 11B, Sec 4A, that would also be desirable, but apparently has been sold.”

The three lots, which are different sizes, add up to 143,608 square feet or about 3.3 acres. They are valued in the $400,000-$500,00 range, according to Fairfax County land records.

RA agreed to give the broker, Doug Hervey of Keller Williams Realty, time to offer more details at a board planning meeting. He has canceled twice, however.

  • kcowing

    How many trees will they cut down?

    • RobinTrish

      With a big building, large parking lot, and extensive septic field–it might be clear cut.

      • kcowing

        It will be curious to see how people react given the anger that has accompanied the potential cutting down of a much smaller number of trees as part of the Lake Anne project. I do not recall much outcry when the new church was built recently on North Shore Drive a short distance from Lake Anne – but maybe I was not paying attention.

        • RobinTrish

          The current building is single-story, 15,072 sq feet, built in 1992. Perhaps they should consider adding a second floor. There are about 120 paved parking spots.

  • RobinTrish

    LDS owns 3.5 acres at 1515 Poplar Grove Drive, Reston, which is more land than these 3 lots combined. Hopefully the lack of public sewer will kill this project.

  • MB

    This area already floods like crazy. The last thing we need to do is cut down more trees.


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