Reston, VA

Snowplow/Photo Courtesy of VDOT

When Reston gets a big snowfall, everyone wants to know one thing: When is my street going to get plowed?

Wednesday and Thursday’s storm dropped more than a foot here, and now the community is trying to get back to normal. But some members are confused as to who is responsible for clearing the roads and parking spots.

News to know: Reston Association is not responsible. RA’s territory is RA property, such as the parking lots of Walker Nature Education Center and the pools. The association also plows the 55 miles of bike paths in Reston.

Most Reston neighborhoods are part of cluster or homeowners’ associations. If this is you, you likely pay quarterly or monthly dues in addition to your annual Reston Association assessment. Part of those dues go for snow removal with a private contractor. If you are concerned that the street has not been plowed, contact your cluster president. You should receive regular communication from the cluster via e-mail or flyer.

Not sure which cluster you belong to or who is on the board? Start with RA’s neighborhood list.

If you are not in a cluster, then your street is likely plowed by Virginia Department of Transportation crews. VDOT is also responsible for main roads and secondary roads such as Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston Parkway and Fox Mill Road.

Visit to see a real-time map of when your street will see a plow.


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