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Closing: Burger King at North Point

by Karen Goff February 18, 2014 at 4:20 pm 3,291 13 Comments

Burger King at North Point

Burger King at 1494 North Point Village Center will close at the end of March, employees said.

The location is one of two Burger Kings in Reston. The other is located at Hunters Woods Village Center.

There is no official word on what might take over the spot, but Chic-Fil-A is rumored to be investigating it as a potential location, employees said.

The restaurant closing is one of several recent changes at North Point. United Bank closed in the fall. Glory Days Grill has signed a lease to open a restaurant in the former Blockbuster Video store space that stood empty for three years. Renovations have not begun. A Glory Days spokeswoman said they are eyeing a summer opening,

Massage Envy is also slated to open at North Point in the next few weeks.

  • vdiv

    Chick-fil-a next to a Boston Market?! Brilliant!

    Well, this BK was in bad need of renovation so maybe the writing was on the wall. However the disappearance of quick burger joints is disconcerting. How about a Checkers or an Elevation Burger instead?

    • NPReston

      A drive through Starbucks would be a huge winner I agree but I suppose that’s too logical to happen.

    • Dexter Scott

      CFA would kill Boston Market. And good riddance to it, too.

    • TheKingJAK

      I can’t believe it, that place has been there since the village center first opened up! I had friends who worked there in their high school years as well. What a shame. I do like the idea of a Checkers, though, as I used to drive all the way to Manassas for a taste of that place and it’d be nice to have one close-by for a change. Still, while I don’t have a problem with Chic-FIl-A, seeing BK go is flatout whack. I’ve been to the Hunters Woods location a few times, and no thank you in that regard (I can’t count how many fights I’ve come across over there, and crackheads hitting people up for money).

  • E Pluribus

    How about some pho instead of fast food?

    • Agnes Nutter

      Yes! I happily second that idea.

    • vdiv

      Hmm, how about a “fast casual” place like a Plaka Grill or a Cava Grill?

      • vicweast

        PLAKA GRILL !!!! That would be unbelievable! I’ll bet the owner could get sufficient funding from Kickstarter! I would absolutely put $500 toward great food at that location.

        • vdiv

          I would eat there every day, lunch and dinner, and drag in friends and co-workers. Not much dragging is really required, they all love the place in Vienna!

  • Reginald Myerscough IV

    The BK was beyond bad and happy to see it closed. A Chick-fil-a would be nice and taking down boston market would be an added bonus.

  • VitalyChernobyl

    Yay! Absolutely the worst fast food joint I’ve ever visited, unfortunately I didn’t learn after the first bad experience and had to repeat the same mistake before getting the message. The General Manager was like the Honey Badger, she didn’t give a $h!#.

  • Desiree Smith

    We already have a Chic-Fil-A close by, but no Arby’s. Reston needs an Arby’s! Delicious turkey sandwiches, etc!

  • LC

    Anyone know what’s going in where the United Bank was? There seems to be some sort of construction going on…..


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