Snow Day Fun/Credit: Raba LetteriMonday’s snow dumped close to seven inches in Reston, according to the National Weather Service.

That has to be some kind of a record, right? No, there actually has been bigger March snowfall before, says the NWS.

Going with measurable snowfall at Dulles International Airport (which actually had an official total of 4.8 inches on Monday), there have been five Marches with more than 10 inches, says the NWS.

March 1978 — 10.3 inches

March 1969 — 10.4 inches

March 1984 — 10.8 inches

March 1999 — 14.6 inches

March 1993 — 15.5 inches (most of it in a single storm).

So with lots of March left, there is chance that March 2014 could step into the top five. However, the latest forecast has none of the white stuff for at least the next week (though record cold will be around Tuesday).

Photo courtesy of Raba Letteri.


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