Reston Association Board Elections: Meet Michael Mackart

Michael Mackart/Credit: RAVoting for the 2014 Reston Association Board of Directors election is now open. There are nine candidates running for five seats. A candidates forum will be held Saturday, March 15 at Reston Association headquarters at 10 a.m.

Reston Association members will receive an election guide and ballot in the mail this week. 

Reston Now will have Q & As with each candidate running daily this week and next. In the spirit of fairness, each candidate was given the same questions.

Michael Mackart is one of five people running for the three-year At-large seat.

Q: How long have you lived in Reston?

A: 6 1/2 years.

Q: What inspired you to run for the board?

A: I am concerned about unchecked growth in Reston and want to have a voice in that process. I was encouraged by friends to run for the board because they trust my judgment and know I want what’s best for Reston.

Q: What are three of the biggest concerns you have for Reston?

A: 1) Growth and growing pains associated with the opening and development around the Metro stations. 2) Updating our infrastructure without overburdening the residents with increased assessments. 3) Preserving our Reston way of life.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish by being on the board?

A: I would like to bring a voice of reason and be an agent of positive change for the Board and Reston. I would like to be a part of shepherding Reston to a place of greatness in Northern Virginia as we continue to grow as a vibrant community without losing what love about living here.

Q: How will your personal or professional experience help you in your role with RA?

A: I have extensive experience volunteering in the Reston community and interacting with businesses and people. I believe those experiences give me a feel for the pulse of what is important in our community. My professional career as a leader and manager in federal law enforcement gave me invaluable experience interacting with diverse groups of people. I am able to lead, innovate and negotiate common ground to find solutions because of that experience. I believe those skills are imperative to achieving successful results in a setting such as the RA.

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