Reston, VA

Tuesday Morning Rundown

Fun at opening day at Reston Association pools/Credit: Mark Majoros via RA

Talk About Student Sleep — FCPS is continuing to gather community feedback on changing high school start times with a public meeting Tuesday at 7 p.m. at South Lakes High School. [Reston Now]

FCPS Adds Administrators — Schools superintendent Karen Garza announces new hires in administration leadership. [Washington Post]

Think About The Future — Reston 2020 has some advice for residents who want to get involved in the Reston Master Plan Special Study Phase II planning. [Reston 2020]

Silver Line Delays Have Impact — Tysons Corner community event goes on, but without the Metro riders organizers expected to be able to ride the train by now. On May 16, Reston “Bike to Work Day” pit stop at the Wiehle-Reston East station also took place even though riders can’t ride trains yet. [Fairfax Times]

Photo: Fun at opening weekend at Reston Association pools/Credit: Mark Majoros via RA


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